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Pennsylvania Screwjob (Ferocity)

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Pennsylvania Screwjob (Ferocity)

Post by Maurie on Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:12 am

Following her match, Audrey Hope limps back up the ramp watching as her menacing opponent continues to celebrate in her dominance. Lisa Evans walks out to post-match interview Audrey.

Audrey, you just made your Ferocity debut tonight. Although you didn't walk out of the match as the successor, how do you feel about your first match?

You serious Lisa? You must not have been watching closely, beacause i was completely 100% screwed out of that match. I was on the top rope an- Yopu know what just play the clip. Play the damn clip!

Did you see that? Dur to poor referee placement and lack of focus, My big mobve that could've ended the match was ruined. And it was all becasue of that moron of an offical. With that being said I will make it my mission to take this to the higher ups and get this boso fired for good, so that none of the other vixens will have to worry about such idiotic officiating.

Audrey continues on to the back as the camera pans back to Joy Justice in the ring celebrating.

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