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Heeeeey... Heeeeeey

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Heeeeey... Heeeeeey

Post by 316topher on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:12 pm

With the events of No Remorse a distant memory for some, Dawn hasn’t forgotten as she wrestled a 2 on 1  handicap match at No Remorse, she shakes her head feeling somewhat screwed, but she knew the conspiracy was real…. Mac Thompson and Lisa are chatting nearby, Mac sees Dawn and comes rushing over….

Mac : Heeeey Heeeeeyyy.


Dawn : PISS OFF.

Lisa : Well he deserved that, but Dawn, may I get a few words, I know you’re not in a good mood, justifiably too and as we just saw, Mac said the wrong thing at the wrong time….One hell of a slap by the way, that’s going to leave a mark.. May I get a few words please?

Dawn : Ok, make it quick, have to find someone.

Lisa : Well ever since the 3 on 1 handicap match against Bettey Meyers a few weeks ago, but it was at the end of the match as your “tag partners” Raiden Brooks and Christine Lashley seemed to not care about helping you out and just walked over and both watched you get pinned by Bettey, after that you’ve called them out as, a conspiracy if you will, This was realized to be indeed just that as the triple threat that was scheduled at No Remorse turned into another handicap match. Your thoughts please…

Dawn : Yea I knew what was gonna go down, I saw it coming a mile off, but I didn’t back down, I’m Dawn Bryan former Intercontinental Champion, I don’t run, I don’t hide, I took them both on.. Brooks…. Lashley…. Sure you may have beaten me at No Remorse but next time….. well lets just say the sides will be even.

Lisa : You mean you finally found someone, who is it?

Dawn : All will be revealed in due course, but for now, I have a few calls to make, so if you don’t mind.

Lisa : Not at all, well it look like this war is heating up, back to you at ringside.


1x CMV Television Champion - Top's Newsome

1x CMV Womens Undisputed Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Vixens Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Undisputed Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV International Champion - Chris Andrews
2x CMV Anarchy Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV Wold Tag Team Champion (Divine Affairs w/Paul Divine)
1x CMV Womans Intercontinental Champion - Dawn Bryan
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
2x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion - El Jefe
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Don Bishop (The Wanderers w/ Gavin Extreme)
1x CMV World Tag Team Champions - Police Squad
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Re: Heeeeey... Heeeeeey

Post by D.Young77 on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:29 pm

During the pre-show of Takeover, beloved interviewer Guy has managed to catch up to “1 Shot” Leona and CJ Havret when they enter the arena.

GUY: Leona! CJ! I know you guys must not have a lot of free time, but I just wanted to get a quick word about CJ’s tag team match later tonight.

CJ smiles and wraps her arms around Guy in a big hug, leaving him noticeably flustered.

GUY: Wow..um..okay...so CJ, many people are curious about you of all people coming back to help Dawn Bryan, considering your ties with HALO. Could you shed more light on what’s going on here?

HAVRET: Well...she almost ended our careers!

GUY: Oh, I see...wait...why would that make you want to help her?

Havret blows Guy a kiss and walks off without answering the question. Confused and trying to make sense of Havret’s reasoning, Guy turns to Leona who merely shrugs and follows Havret off screen..


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