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Welcome to a Brand New Beginning {CMV Exclusive}

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Welcome to a Brand New Beginning {CMV Exclusive}

Post by Jay Davis on Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:46 pm

*As Episode 38 of Unmatched begins, we go backstage to an interviewer walking near Trey Diamond*

Interviewer: Mr Diamond, I would like to ask some question if you don't mind?

Trey Diamond: Go on, boy. Don't wait for me to tell you to go.

Interviewer: Oh yes...Um, So how do you feel beating the Number One Contender for the Heavyweight Championship, James Landon Vain?

Trey Diamond: Well, there's always a stepping stone to a new path. And my path started with Barry Robinson and is continuing with James, then Parker and whoever that one dude is.

Interviewer: Solomon Glock?

Trey Diamond: Yeah him. That wanna be tough guy. You know, I could probably chew and spit him and his whole Posse of wanna-be gangsters up and kick them to the kerb. Because let's be honest, that European Championship ain't going back to the Circus and it sure as hell ain't going back to those Hood-Rats. It's coming home to the real man in the equation. To me.

Interviewer: Well next question is, why don't you go for the Heavyweight Championship?

Trey Diamond: Well it's simple. Do you really think that Chris Adams, a faulty excuse of a champion, has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with me? Hell no! When I go for the Heavyweight Belt, I'll take my chances against someone more suitable for the role as champion. Maybe Marko, Sunshine. Who knows. Hell, maybe even DSD. It's a matter of where and when my prey is going to arrive. And that is when I will take my time to strip down these men to nothing more than broken bodies and bloodied carcases.

Interviewer: Okay last question, what do you have to say to anyone in the locker room?

Trey Diamond: Good luck to anyone wanting a real challenge. Because you where I'll be when you want some real competition.

*Trey then walks down a hallway to the camera panning out and going back to the ring*


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