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Trey Diamond Press Conference

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Trey Diamond Press Conference

Post by Jay Davis on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:48 pm

*As the beginning of Day 1 of No Remorse comes about, the Annual Panel for the PPV came about as Trey Diamond, decked out in a Tank-Top and Jeans, comes out and sits down at the table with a few of his "managers". Then the interviewers begin asking*

???: Mr.Diamond. How does it feel coming back to the ring?

Trey Diamond: It feels great. This ring made me who I was about 2-3 years ago. And then I adapted to the circumstances and to fight big dogs, you gotta become a big dog. And that's what I did.

???: How do you feel facing Barry Robinson for a 3rd time again tomorrow at Day 2 of No Remorse?

Trey Diamond: I'm always up to make it 3-0. He can make it 2-1, but it doesn't really matter anymore. He's weakened and I got under his skin bad. He and I know that. And he's scared to get in the ring with me a 3rd time. But like I said, I'm always up to make it 3-0.

???: Also on the topic of matches, today you had an altercation with Parker on Twitter, calling him out and then him accepting it for the next show of Unmatched. How do you think that is gonna go down?

Trey Diamond: Well, I'll tell you how this will happen. I'll hit a few suplexes, throw him around, hit more suplexes and then finish him.It's as easy as that when facing someone like Parker. Picture a dumb mutt. That's Parker in a nutshell. He's a mutt. No-one knows who he is and no-one ever will. All we know is that at Unmatched, I'm going to destroy him, just like I did to Barry Robinson. And who knows, maybe at the time, He'll be European Champion and I'll kick his ass to become European Champion.

???: Is there somewhat of a chance that you will be going for the World Championship?

Trey Diamond: Look, I make look stupid, but I know money when I see it. And Sunshine is carrying some might fine gold on his shoulder. But not now....Sunshine has his own wars to deal with, so in the meantime I'll wait for a good opportunity. And seize it. And then will I become World Champ.

*Trey then gets up and, along with his security, walk off to the "backstage" of the arena, the crowd chanting his name*


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