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I'm the Starr

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I'm the Starr

Post by Miztacular on Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:17 pm

Following the Main Event of the evening, Zack Starr can be seen struggling back to his feet, looking to gather himself, shaking out the cobwebs and as he uses the ropes to get to the feet, a voice can be heard coming from the PA System.

Ricky Spanish:
Oh Staaaaaaaaarr

The titantron flickers to reveal what looks to be a bar, Spanish walks into the frame, combing his moustache, pouring some grenadine into a glass, followed by some coke, mixing up a Roy Rogers. He winks at the camera before adding in a maraschino cherry and a little umbrella. He takes a sip and lets out a refreshing breath before placing his drink on the counter.

Ricky Spanish:
Now that is how you make a Roy Rogers.... Now Starr, do you know where I am, from where you're sitting this may look like an ordinary bar, but give it a second, I'm sure you'll recognize it, in fact, lemme help you.

Spanish takes another sip of his mocktail before walking out of the frame, a large smash can be heard in the background and moments later, Spanish walks back into the frame wearing a dank leather jacket..

Ricky Spanish:
Have you put it together yet Starr... I'll drop you one more hint..

Spanish turns around revealing the back of the jacket, in which it says "Starr Attraction" it's Starrs jacket from when he was Television Champion!

Ricky Spanish:
That's right Starr! I'm at your house! Now you may be wondering why I'm drinking a Roy Rogers, a NON alcoholic drink. Well I can't go getting wasted now can I? Not before we have our big match this weekend at No Remorse! What do you mean you say? Well Starr, I'm going to make you have that match, I'm going to give you no choice. You see Starr! I came here for two things, I came here to steal your jacket and **** your wife! Well, it looks like I've already got the jacket.

Spanish lets off a cheesy wink to the camera.

Ricky Spanish:
I'm sure I'll see you Sunday... Baby.

The camera cuts off and Starr lets out a roar in the ring as he clutches his hair, nearly pulling it out. Starr frantically leaves the ring and runs to the back looking to get home as quick as possible.

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