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The deadliest Twitch

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The deadliest Twitch

Post by Miztacular on Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:39 pm

Last Week...... On Ferocity.

As Compromise and Jasmine Crossings unload on Nicole Reyes and Julia Silva in the ring, down on the outside we see Tia coming to the aid of Emily who'd been forced to tapout during the match, showing off her distinct leadership skills she rallies Emily back to her feet and she leaps back in to join the fight while Tia looks under the ring, pulling out her patented bat. Back inside the ring, Julia Silva and Nicole Reyes are back to their feet with Compromise directing traffic, telling Jasmine crossings  and Emily to go after Reyes, while Compromise stands tall with Julia Silva. The two exchange punches, Silva surpising the fans with her combinations, catching Compromise off guard with her speed, however as Compromise begins to feel her rythmn she catches one of Silva's fists in the air, crushing it with her bare hands. Silva lets out a scream of pain as Compromise picks up on her shoulders, delivering her patented Burn Notice.

Reyes notices this out of the corner of her eye, backed into a corner she covers up as Crossings and Emily unload, but seeing Silva, the person who had defended Reyes all her life, in absolute pain, has lit a fire underneath Nicole, she bursts to her feet, ducking a clothesline from Crossings and delivering a superkick knocking Crossings off her feet. However Reyes turns to a dragonrana off the top rope from Emily, launching her across the ring, dazed and confused Nicole is whipped into the ropes, Emily ducks under her legs looking for her patented hurricanrana, but acting on instincts, fueled by the sight of her partner in pain, Reyes connects with a superkick to Emily. As this all goes on, Tia Powley circles the ring, holding her bat over her shoulder, smiling as she watches this battle unfold in the ring and Compromise who has been watching it all unfold after putting Silva on her ass, steps up. She towers over Nicole Reyes, who's fire is immediately put out at the sight of Compromise, she steps backwards and Compromise follows, but before she's able to strike, using her one good hand, Silva turns her around and connects with an uppercut, barely stunning the enforcer of the group who simply backs up into the corner and springs right out of it, using her momentum to connect with her discus big boot, otherwise known as No Compromise.

But this distraction was enough for Nicole, who Superkicks Compromise as she turns back around, it doesn't do much more than anger the enforcer of No Morality, but instead of walking down Nicole Reyes, she simply stares at her from across the ring, causing Nicoles gaze to be trapped on Compromise, and completely unaware of her surroundings, which allows Tia, who had previously been circling the ring maniacally to step into the ring and from behind she cracks Nicole as hard as she can on the back of her head with the bat sending her crashing to the mat in a slump. As this goes on Emily and Jasmine get back in the ring and Tia begins to direct traffic, motioning for Compromise to hold Julia Silvas head up, so she can watch the slaughter. Tia, with blood in her eyes, lays down another blow to the downed Nicole, who lays motionless in the center of the ring, a small blood stream trickles from her head to the mat leaving Tia absolutely delighted, letting off a howling laugh.Tia throws the bat down next to the lifeless body of Nicole Reyes, she slides out of the ring and heads towards the timekeepers area, she grabs a mic and slides back into the ring

Tia : How dare you try and embarrass us, we are No Morality, We are the most dominating faction in CMV history. Whether it be singles or tag matches we dominate, annihilate and exterminate our opponents. You think because you have 1 little insignificant win under your belts against us that you think you’re better than us. NOOOOOOO …. Not a chance in hell. No one is better than us and once again we are the ones with our arms raised while you are left in a bloody mess. No one can stop us hahahahaha.

All four members raise there arm in there traditional No Morality salute..…
But then the lights flicker, then the whole arena goes dark. Pandora’s theme hits the P.A system…. Her entrance pyro goes off, the red and white fog spreads throughout the arena. No Morality walk over to the ropes awaiting the Puppet……. Still waiting

Tia : Yea that’s what I thought,she aint coming out, she hasn’t got the guts.

No Morality are all still looking up towards the ramp area, the lights begin to flicker once again and then from the rafters Pandora descends down with what seems like strings attached to her arms that are stretched out , looking like a real puppet. She lands behind No Morality unhooks the strings and starts twitching in excitement. Pandora looks down and sees the bat, she picks it up….No Morality turn around, Pandora jabs the bat into the biggest threat in No Morality, A jab straight into compromises gut, Compromise curls over in pain, The rest of No Morality looked shocked, Pandora is about to swing again at Compromise but sikes her out… Compromise expecting another hit with the bat stumbles backwards into the ropes…. But her arms get caught in the middle and top rope, she goes down struggling to get free (Shades of Andre the Giant)… Tia signals for Emily and Jasmine to attack Pandora as Tia is trying so hard to free Compromise, Emily and Jasmine rush at Pandora but get caught, Pandora hits a double Chokeslam onto them… Tia and Pandora square up to each other. The bitter rivals are face to face once again. Tia screaming at Pandora but Pandora just twitches… With Tia’s distraction towards Pandora, Emily still feeling the affects of the match and the Chokeslam is still down, but Jasmine pulls herself up and strikes Pandora from behind, She drops down to one knee and Tia and Jasmine start kicking and punching at Pandora. Silva sees this and jumps onto the back of Jasmine her legs wrapped around her waist and a sleeper hold locked in, Jasmine’s arms are flailing in desperation of trying to get her off her back.
Meanwhile Tia is still stomping on a downed Pandora, she mounts her and unloads with lefts and rights, Pandora pokes Tia in the eye though. She gets to her feet and the both still exchanging blows with one and other with Pandora now getting the upper hand. Emily goes over to help Compromise to see if she can get her free… Silva realizes this and lets go of the sleeper applied to Jasmine, Jasmine is trying to get her breath back…But Silva jumps out of the ring and gets a steel chair. Pandora clotheslines Tia over the top rope as Emily frees Compromise. Silva is back in the ring with a steel chair hand. Pandora once again picks up the bat…. Tia screams for the rest of No Morality to get out of there which they do, all four members regroup outside of the ring, slowly walking backwards up the ramp. Pandora is in the middle of the ring twitching looking straight at No Morality and Silva who is crouched over near Nicola but still holding the steel chair, and also looking at No Morality with anger.

Pandora grabs the mic that’s still in the ring.

Pandora : No Morality, you may have the numbers, but I’m Pandora. The Puppet of Mass Destruction. You say you dominate, annihilate and exterminate everything in your path. Well why don’t you try doing that to me, believe me it will never happen, I will always be waiting, I will always be watching and I will always be ready, for you see, nothing you can do can affect me, my tolerance for pain is far more greater than hat any of you can dish out.

Silva is asking for the mic, Pandora looks at Silva and starts twitching, but hands the mic over.

Silva : Listen up you bunch of grunts!, you may have taken out Nicole… But I’m still breathing…. I want No Morality at No Remorse….. Hell I’ll even team up with Pandora here and we’ll show you how to dominate… No Morality you’re going to pay for what you did to my best friend.


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Re: The deadliest Twitch

Post by 316topher on Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:42 pm

ty 4 credit and yw

now i really must sleep

and GENT

Willow....i see ya...lol


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