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A Better Monster... [CMV Exclusive]

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A Better Monster... [CMV Exclusive]

Post by Jay Davis on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:06 pm

*As Unmatched goes off the air, we go backstage to where an interviewer is met by Trey Diamond, the man who attacked Barry Robinson only a few hours ago.*

???: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I am here with Trey Diamond, a man who was known as being this fallback and turned into a fallout. This man brutally attacked Robinson during your match. Mr.Diamond, I would like to welcome you back, but I have a question; Why did you do it?

Trey Diamond
: You people are wondering and wondering about why Trey Diamond attacked Barry F*cking Robinson. Well, I'll give you an answer. I attacked that Disco-loving 60s dumbass that knows nothing more than to dance and look like a complete fool. That isn't wrestling....What I did back there, was wrestling. I erased a mistake. And when you see Robinson come out dancing, that oomph is gonna be faded very shortly.

???: Well, Mr Diamond, you basically told everyone you wanted the champ in a match for the title. What are your thoughts on that?

Trey Diamond: Well if I'm telling the fans, you people are gonna enjoy the slaughter I'm about to commence to get that belt. And to Sunshine, you wanna be this Fucked up Psycho of a man. That mask doesn't hide who you truly are. And I know who you truly are. You're a man who went to hell and back. You faced the best and the rest. But not me. I want you and your title. And then maybe, you can retire a living, happy man. But...if we cross paths....I'm not gonna be what you claim to be. I'm gonna be a better monster than you ever have in your 3 year existence. See you soon, Champ.

*As he says that, Diamond then walks backward and then forward from the interviewer as the camera pans from the backstage into darkness.*


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