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No Friends in this world

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No Friends in this world

Post by Miztacular on Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:07 pm

Midway through the show, the theme of your two time CMV Vixens Champion, Megan Cooper hits the PA System as she comes out from the back, the Vixens championship over her shoulder and a microphone in her hand. Cooper makes her way down the ramp with a look of determination across her face, stopping at the bottom of the ramp, taking a second to look around the arena, the fans chanting her name, once again she lets off the slightest of smiles before stepping up the steps and into the ring, readjusting the belt over her shoulder as she lets out a roar into the hard camera generating a pop from the crowd, the seconds go by and Cooper raises the microphone to her mouth.

Megan Cooper:
Look we all saw what happened last week, I recieved a lot of backlash on social media, and that's fine, people didn't understand what I meant when I put my foot on the Womens Championship, raising my own belt up above my head. So let me just take a minute here, to clear the air for you all. I wasn't doing that to disrespect the belt, no of course I respect that belt, it's the CMV Womens Championship, a belt with some fantastic lineage. What I don't respect however is where it is at right now, you see, when I stood on that belt it symbolized something, it symbolized just how bad a Champion Kristen Page has been as Champion, Kristen Page has treated that belt so poorly to the point where me stepping on it is better treatment for that belt than what Kristen has done in her reign.

The people in this crowd, the people watching at home, the entire CMV Universe don't deserve to see a belt left in ruin like you have done with the Womens Belt, and I would love nothing more than to take it from you. Because we cannot of course, have two Major Main Event Vixens Belts can we? Who is the true Champion? I think the entire CMV Universe would love to find out.

Cooper is interrupted by chants from the crowd, chanting her name, expressing their desire for her to be the Undisputed Womens Champion, and Cooper, once again comes close to letting off a smile as she waits for the crowd to die down before she continues.

Megan Cooper:
But that isn't the only reason I want to go one on one with you this ring Kristen, you see, ever since that fateful night at Exodus where you pinned me for the three count, where you sent me on a collision course with Darrell Richards, putting my career on hold for months, it's been eating away inside, it's a loss I've always wanted back, I can lose to anyone, it happens, it's competition, but you, you crossed the line that night, and I've never been able to forgive myself for letting such an amateur like you beat me. Even now, as I stand here, the Vixens Champion of the world. I know deep down inside there's but the slightest amount of doubt, I ask myself every night, do I deserve this. Nobody is unbeatable, everybody loses, but it was the way you beat me that has had this lasting effect. I fell for your mind games, a was fighting on instincts that night, and I want it back.

Why now? You ask..

Because for the past few months, I've called the Friends of Cole Savage my home, they treated me well, they got my career back on track, it was warm, I felt safe. My anger towards you was buried inside, Cole Savage and friends made me forget, thy made me safe, like I could lose to nobody, but that's no way to live, and I realized this when I lost my belt to Morgan Black, and as much as I thank Savage for everything he's done, I needed to pursue this journey alone. I can't be tricked into thinking I'm unbeatable, that I can do no wrong, because I will never learn. For months people have been telling me that without Cole Savage, I would never be in this position, I would never be Vixens Champion, but now it's time to prove it, I have no Friends in this world, when I face you Kristen, your mind games will not work this time, I'll prove the doubters wrong and show the world the true paper Champion you really are, WITHOUT Cole Savage. I will stake my claim as the true Champion of this Division, a Champion the people want, A Champion the people deserve. That is why I have waited this long. If I had made this challenge while I had the support of Cole Savage, people will say I couldn't do it alone, but now I am alone and I will rise above my biggest fear, my biggest loss, that is you Kristen Page.

I want you Kristen, and I want you on PPV, at No Remorse, Championship or no Championship, I want to start the new year with this weight off of my shoulders, I want to feel free for the first time in my life. Only you can give me that freedom..

Cooper drops the microphone in the center of the ring, looking slowly up towards the sky, raising her Vixens Championship high above her head as the camera fades to black.

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