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Anthony Brown isn't our focus

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Anthony Brown isn't our focus

Post by Childish Meltzer on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:59 am

It's a celebration in the place of operations belonging to the Friends of Cole Savage. People are standing around mingling, drinking and eating--just having a grand time. At one table sits Omega Lee and Marley Kassell. On the table is Lee’s Money in the Bank briefcase with the Television Championship resting on top of it. Lee is sitting back and admiring the view while Kassell opens a bottle of beer and takes a long pull from the bottle. 

-Marley Kassell-
Did you catch my man Matthews staring at you in disbelief like he couldn't understand what just happened? Bitch! You got your ass beat! THAT'S what happened! Shit. All that talk about how he's supposed to be the greatest to ever do it and you put him down like he was some nobody. How many TKO’s did you take? Two, right? Two of the biggest moves in his arsenal and you kicked out like it was nothing. Meanwhile, you didn't even need to hit your finisher! How could someone that's supposed to be the best fall for the most basic trick in the book! Man, Mathews ain't shit. You're the real deal, Omega.

Kassell has already finished the first beer and is on his way to opening a second bottle.

-Marley Kassell-
Hah, that fucker went and got on his high horse talking about he don't need his rematch clause like he doing you a favor. Meanwhile tonight we saw the real reason why he wanted nothing to do with the belt, he knew that he wasn't good enough to win it back. That's back to back matches you've pinned him in. If he's supposed to be a legend, a hall of famer, then I fucking guess there hasn't been a word to describe someone like you yet. The best part, though? He really thinks he’s safe--like the Global Championship is some mythical artifact just out of your reach. I almost want him to win it so I can catch the look on his face when your music hits and you walk out ready to use that brief case.

With the second bottle done, Kassell’s expression turns serious.

-Marley Kassell-
Fun and games aside, I know you know about that turd Anthony Brown talking this and that. I’m willing to laugh it off and move on if you are. But if you think he’s a problem that needs to be taken care of.

Lee raises an eyebrow as he watches Kassell grip the now empty bottle by the neck.

-Marley Kassell-
Is he?

Lee glances over to his Money in the Bank briefcase pondering over Marley's question of what to do about Brown

《Omega Lee》

Anthony Brown is a damn dirty loser who's just bitter that I was right and he was wrong. He can pop off at the mouth all he wants rallying the absent minded fans but at the end of the day what did they get accomplished? Getting his face caved in my an Austrian Death Machine.....
Talk all he wants, but it won't change the fact that I am an elite caliber of an athlete and he's a joke, he's on his path and we're on our own. He's not going to make a name for himself at my expense. Anthony Brown shouldn't be our focus, our focus should be on me becoming Global Champion with that MITB briefcase. That's my ticket to the top, and I don't need to be wasting my time with a low tier talent like Brown. Got it?

Kassell nods and smiles and Lee's words sink in.

-Marley Kassell-
Oh, I got it, boss. Loud and clear. You don't have to worry about me, Brown or anyone. I promise you what happened to Nicky won't happen to you. YOU are going to be Global Champion whether these people, Anthony Brown or any punk in the locker room wants to admit it. YOU. Those four guys in the Elimination Chase are all just fighting to keep the belt warm for you, because when your music hits and you come charging down the ramp, there'll be not a damn thing any fucking one of them will be able to do. If they were worried about how dominant you are now, they're going to be pissing themselves pretty soon because we're only just getting started. The fact that you're Television Champion right now is just proof of that. Ain't it funny how people thought you would just sit back and watch the world pass you by, or hide in the shadows waiting for the perfect opportunity to cash in? But that ain't you. You stood out in the open and dared any one to come and test you. Five men tried inside of that chamber, but it was YOU who stood tall and reminded them all that you sure as hell are as good as you say you are.


Childish Meltzer
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Re: Anthony Brown isn't our focus

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:00 pm

Marley Kassel pulls himself to his feet after his crushing defeat at the hands of champion Voice Vindy. He looks up, and that’s when he sees him: Anthony Brown standing on the stage applauding--really doing his best to get under MarKas’ skin.

And it works.

With whatever energy he has left, Kassell charges up the ramp gunning for Brown’s face with a right hook that misses wildly. Brown quickly capitalizes with a sharp kick to the gut that doubles Kassell over then hooks both of MarKas’ arms. Without hesitation, Brown hops into the air and plants Brown’s face into the ground with Wings of Sauron.

A direct message to Omega Lee.

An image the camera lingers on before the show fades into a commercial break.

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