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The Womens Hardcore Championship

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The Womens Hardcore Championship

Post by Miztacular on Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:26 pm

After pinning Mariah, Angelina Hawkins and Ally Cage stand tall in the ring, celebrating their win over their common enemy, while on the outside, Mariah is fuming, pacing back and forth with that enraged look in her eye, she walks around the ring towards her "partner" Rose Punish and starts screaming at Rose for not even trying to break up the pin. Rose simply stands there, barely acknowledging Mariah until she gets shoved by a very angry Mariah. She follows up and continues shouting at Rose, who simply responds with a punch straight to the face of Mariah sending her stumbling backwards. Mariah looks down, she wips her face and grits her teeth before looking up at Rose who glares back and without a seconds thought she spears Rose into the steel steps not only slamming Rose into the steps, but hitting them full force with her own head.

While all this commotion goes on outside Ally Cage is celebrating on the second rope, waving at the fans, while on the otherside of the ring, the ever devious Anglina Hawkins looks calculated, she's never been one for the fans, she's in it for herself, and so after shaking her head, she walks up behind Ally Cage and Low Blows her while she's on the second rope causing her to crumble down to the mat with a thud. On the outside, Mariah spots Hawkins standing tall in the ring, shaking off the cobwebs she goes under the ring to retrieve a steel chair she slides into the ring looking to catch an off guard Hawkins but is grabbed by the ankles from behind, and Rose pulls her straight back outside and the two begin to exchange punches. Hawkins notices the chair and smiles, she picks it up with the thought of dealing damage to Cage, however as she turns around she's hit by a RUNNING KNEE from Cage, sending Hawkins straight onto her back. Ally notices the two on the outside brawling and slips out of the ring, coming up from behind Mariah and slamming her head first into the barricade, but before she is able to deal with Rose, she's cracked in the back of the head by a baseball bat found under the ring by Rose who then drops it, coming in hot on the staggered Ally Cage, who shows her heart, refusing to go down after the shot from the bat. However that might be her greatest mistake as Rose picks up the staggered Cage, and hits a CHOKESLAM right down onto the cold hard floor.

Rose then turns to see Hawkins stirring in the ring and slides in under the bottom rope, approaching Hawkins with her guard down, not thinking of the consequences at all, but OUT OF NOWHERE Mariah comes from behind Rose, hitting her with a Cutter paying homage to Parker! With Rose down and Hawkins stirring, Mariah sense her chance to once again beatdown on Angelina Hawkins, her arch nemesis, she approaches just as Hawkins gets to her feet. In a frenzy Mariah goes for a clothesline, but Hawkins ducks, however holding onto the arm as she spins around, taking her up in the air for her patented Sit Out Crucifix Powerbomb Hawkins gets up, laughing, taunting the crowd, letting them know that she is the Empress of CMV. But only for a short while as Ally Cage re-enters the ring. The Empress turns around and the two stare eachother down, but before they can act, both Mariah and Rose are back in the ring and on their feet, all four Vixens look around, and then Hawkins, Rose and Mariah all look towards Ally Cage, realizing one thing, Ally Cage is the odd one out, the face, the good girl, and they all approach, backing Ally into a corner, but before they can act, the scene is interrupted...

(Decided to change Sampsons theme to her fathers theme seeing as everyone has Becky Lynch)

Before they are able to unload on Ally, they are forced to turn their eyes to the stage allowing Ally to push through the trio and get to the otherside of the ring, where she joins them in watching as Sampson comes out to a standing ovation from the crowd, loving the sight of their General Manager making her way down the ramp, a microphone in her hands at the ready as she stands in the middle of the four Vixens in the middle of the ring.

Laura Sampson:
This is exactly what I wanted to see, it was an incredibly hard choice to determine who my first challengers would be for this rumored new belt. But ladies and gentlemen, I can officially announce tonight, that there is indeed a new belt coming to the Vixens Division here on Ferocity, the Womens Hardcore belt!

Sampson pauses for a moment as the crowd lets off a tremendous cheer while all four Vixens in the ring relax, raising an eyebrow at the news.

Laura Sampson:
What I saw out here tonight from the four of you, was Passion, there was Determination, and most importantly it was Hardcore. All of you want to be the next big thing, One of you has held a belt before, but never really got the chance to do so, one of you is in the midst of their second run in the company, a fire burning through your veins. One of you is the underdog, who somehow remains unbeaten when nobody expects you to be, and one of you is an Empress, dominant and feared. The perfect combination for a match that will make history! For I can confirm right now, the four of you, will compete in a Fatal Four Way Extreme Rules Match at No Remorse to become the first ever, CMV Womens Hardcore Champion. You see, there are four of you in here, all with different backgrounds and different styles, but only one of you will make history and walk into the new year, a Champion... It's in your hands to find out who it will be.

Laura Sampson looks back and forth, towards each and everyone of them, and raises her microphone for one final time.

Laura Sampson:
Question is, can you all handle that?

All four Vixens nod pretty much in unison as the camera pans in, each getting a headshot from the camera, as the crowd in the background begins to chant "Sampson Era" over and over as she leaves the ring, leaving the four contenders standing in the ring for the camera to fade to commercial before tonights Main Event.

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