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The Next Contender

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The Next Contender

Post by Miztacular on Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:12 am

With Sunshine sitting in the center of the ring, scrambling around trying to recover after having his lights shut off following a stiff forearm from the CMV European Champion Solomon Glock, he clambers to his feet, still dazed, confused, blinded by the lights in the Crum Court live from Louisville Kentucky, Sunshine staggers back into the corner, aided by the referee who hands him his belt, only to be pushed away by the Champion who staggers forward to the center of the ring, throwing his belt over his shoulder in a very sloppy fashion. He shakes his head off, gaining his footing and he stands there in the ring the memory of the match coming back to him but before he can make a move, perhaps to leave the ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen....

The camera pans across to the stage revealing a small overweight man in a suit with a microphone in hand who looks down at Sunshine with a smile on his face, and after a few seconds pass by the crowd realize they've seen this man before, a former manager on CMV programming. Arthur Blackwell. With a quick clearing of the throat he continues on.

Arthur Blackwell:
Ladies and Gentlemen, sit down on your seats, take your socks off or let me blow them off for you, Sunshine, sit down, recollect yourself for a minute and stay SILENT.  Am I the General Manager? Doesn't matter, but what does matter is I have announcement from the people above me, the guys up top, the brass, the big cheese.  Look Sunny boy, you've done well haven'tcha you survived the elimination chamber, that's cool, good job. But don't you dare think it's over just yet BOY.

Blackwell stops for a moment to realign his waistline.

Arthur Blackwell:
NO SIREE-BOB. Sunshine, there's a whole god darn bunch'a guys backstage who would never get the chance to fight you, let along prove themselves to be better than you. NOW AIN'T THAT RIGHT. Well see now Big Papa, I got this here list in my pocket, a list of 8 men, 8 men who the guys up top believe could give you a troublesome fight, now don't you go getting me wrong, these ain't no Marko Punish, No DSD, No Leo Cruz, No ho papa. These are guys you've never fought, guys who haven't yet failed to beat you, guys who SOME would think aren't ready for a test like you. But you see, that's the magic of what the boys up top are planning, something you haven't prepared for in the past, something new, something fresh, something with a little sugar in the Main Event scene, something to spice it up. Now lemme get to this here list.

Blackwell fishes into his back pocket, digging around in there as moments go by and Sunshine, now back to his senses stares up at Blackwell with a look of pity in his eyes under firm belief that nobody on this brand can stop him. Finally after almost an entire minute goes by, Blackwell holds up in the air a crumpled piece of paper and raises the microphone to his mouth.

Arthur Blackwell:
You see, with Intensity looking to force peoples careers on the line, granting the ultimate opportunity for "anyone" on the roster we here at UnMatched, we ain't dumb, we know it'll be a big name winning that, no, we here on UnMatched, we actually give out REAL opportunities, and on this here list, are the names of EIGHT men, all of whom you've NEVER faced, NEVER prepared for, and in two weeks, I SAY two weeks, they'll go to war on an UnMatched Exclusive special event, LIIIIIVE from Las Vegas, in a mini tournament, in which the final match takes place under Iron Man conditions to TRULY prepare your challenger for their match with you at No Remorse. Now... Lets get to it.

Blackwell tucks the microphone in between his armpit and unravels the crumpled up piece of paper with a devilish smile on his face before continuing on.

With Don Bishop looking to put his name in the hat for the Career vs Championship Qualifier, we decided. To give his partner. GAVIN EXTREME, one of the few men to ever beat Omega Lee, among a short list of only 5 others a chance, with his name being one of the eight. Then we have Ethan Kashima and Jon Richards, both men put on one of the most SPECTACULAR performances of the night at UnChained in their Pay Per View debut and maybe, just maybe, one of them could be the surprise little shake up you need to derail you from your throne. Who's the fourth? Well if it isn't one of our draftee's from Intensity, a man on a three match winning streak, a man who fought his way up from the underground and maybe his true grit will be enough to carry him to the top, because it's Marcus Akane.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, Sunshine, whatever you are under that mask. Thing. This tournament, it just, it wouldn't be right without a few guys who have paid their dues, two guys who are veterans of CMV, former Champions who are currently out of favor, Chris Adams and Booker Phillips! You see, if these young guns, these men chomping at the bit to get their chance at the limelight REALLY want to prove themselves, what better way to do so, that to go through TWO legends in Chris Adams and Booker Phillips, who, on the flip side would love to re-ignite the fire in their career and prove they can still ride with the young guns for the opportunity to knock you off of that filthy throne you've clambered onto.

So who've I read out so far, Gavin Extreme, Ethan Kashima, Jon Richards, Marcus Akane, Booker Phillips, Chris Adams.. AH. You see there's always been a guy in the shadow of Chris Adams, a guy who's fought alongside him, and for quite a while now, has actually had a vendetta against Adams, a guy who would love nothing more than to surface from underneath Adams and rise to the occasion, ladies and gentleman I'm talking about ANOTHER Intensity draftee in Byron Elliot! Now what does that leave us with, just one, and boy is this last one a toughie, a big guy, bigger than me for sure! A man who is yet to be dealt the one, two, three in the center of the ring. KURSE!

Blackwell turns and points to the titantron, where all eight mens faces appear, Sunshine looks up at the titantron, his expression hidden by the mask.

Arthur Blackwell:
Now ain't that interesting, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, that thing in the ring. It looks as if, dare I say, our Champion is, well, stumped. I do believe so. So Mr. Sunshine, hows that feel, looking up at that titantron, all these faces, all men you've never fought before, all men, you've never had to watch before, all men, who you probably don't have the foggiest of ideas about because I can only imagine you don't give a damn about this brand, you just turn up, wrestle and leave not caring about anyone else unless they stand in your way. Well, by my watch Sunshine, you've got a little under four weeks to prepare for eight men who you've barely even heard of before, so. Good Luck.

Open to Aaron

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Re: The Next Contender

Post by D.Young77 on Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:56 pm

gummy, i trusted you
and you played me


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