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Sullivan's announcements

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Sullivan's announcements

Post by Miztacular on Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:31 pm

Following the opening match of the evening the current General Manager of Intensity, the Money Major himself Thomas Sullivan makes his way out from the back, microphone in hand wearing quite possibly the most dapper suit we've ever seen in CMV history. Sullivan makes his way down the ramp embracing the love of the crowd as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring, spreading his arms out towards the hard camera and soaking up the standing ovation from the crowd, and after a few seconds, he lowers his arms and looks around the arena, with a smile on his face, looking forward to his first major announcement as the General Manager of Intensity.

Thomas Sullivan:
Welcome ladies and Gentlemen! To Intensity! What an ovation that was here tonight in Kentucky! If only I had brought my Money Gun out here with me, you'd all have received a load! But. I need to continue, get to the point, we have a cracker of a show tonight and I can't bear to hold it up for too long, some exciting matches that even myself I just can't wait to see.

The crowd lets off a roar of excitement anticipating the night ahead, however their cheers are soon interrupted by Sullivan as he continues to speak.

Thomas Sullivan:
You see, if you recall last month, during the build up to the UnChained Pay Per View, there was a poll on our website, you know the one double u double u double u dot community universe dot com. A poll which would allow the CMV Universe were allowed to pick what stipulation the qualification match took place in for the annual Career Vs Championship match at No Remorse. Formerly the qualifier took place in a 6 man Battle Royal where the winner would put his career on the line for a shot at a Championship. A chance for somebody who would give anything to have the chance to be at the top of the world. This year, the people voted that the qualifier take place in an Elimination Chase, and I can now confirm! That it will begin next week, we already know one of the four men! Eric Matthews, that leaves three spots open.The winner of the Elimination Chase, will Main Event No Remorse with their career on the line against Voice Vindy. In the past, the man with his career on the line has never won, maybe this year we'll get our first new Champion crowned in this match. Who will the other three be? You'll find out next week when the chase begins!

The crowd cheer at the sound of Eric Matthews' name, the chance of him getting back on top of the mountain. Sullivan lets off a smirk knowing the crowd is loving his announcement. However he's not done there, he raises his microphone to his mouth once again, looking to continue.

Thomas Sullivan:
You see, as a successful businessman, an entrepreneur I know about taking risks, investing in your future and that's exactly what winning this elimination chase is. Think about it, your investing the future of your career in chance, it's a make or break you as a Superstar here in CMV, for if you win, the investment pays off, you walk away from No Remorse as the new CMV Global Champion, but if the investment goes south and you go bust well.... That's it, it's over, and your career here will be up, forced out of the company, the reward is an amazing one, the chance to become the fourth Global Champion, but the risk is great, and to get there you have to endure the elimination chase, but no, I'm not that harsh, if you lose the Chase you do not lose your career, but you do lose the opportunity, you could be sitting there for the rest of your days with it eating away at you thinking, what if. That.. that might actually be worse.

However... Before I finish up here for a moment, I have but one more subject to talk about. The trio, known as Syndicate, the guys who have been mercilessly targeting Aaron Waite for months, the former Anarchy Champion and joint longest reigning Tag Team Champion Chet Taylor, followed by his goons, the guys that were suspended late last season. I know you're out there somewhere, maybe in this very arena, watching, smiling, giggling like little school girls. Well let me tell you something. Aaron Waite may not be a man I get along with, but no man deserves to be mauled three on one time and time again, no man deserves to have his career constantly put on hold due to three hooligans interfering all the time, costing him and you did it again before his match at UnChained, well let me issue this loud and clear. Your suspension ends at the end of the year, at the No Remorse Pay Per View, however, if I hear even a peep out of you, if I even see you in this arena as anything other than a fan, your suspension will be extended and you will miss iMPLOSION! Wrestling isn't exactly the safest work environment, but we leave it in the ring! Not backstage! Not with some petty attacks! I have invested a lot of money in this association, in this brand, since becoming a partner, and I cannot let my money go to waste paying medical bills that would otherwise not need to be paid if it wasn't for you meddling kids! You got that! Because this is your only warning. Do not let me have to bring this up again.

Now with that out of the way, ladies and gentlemen thank you! I hope the people of Kentucky and everyone watching around the world enjoys the rest of the show tonight! As you should, we have all of the Champions in action tonight, it'll be a night to remember here in Louisville!

With that Sullivan drops the microphone in the center of the ring and makes his way out of it, stopping at the top of the steps to look around the arena, screaming in joy back at him, he lets of a chuckle of satisfaction while making his way back up the ramp, his theme playing across the PA system, thundering around the arena as he heads to the back for the show to continue.

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