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I want him fired!

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I want him fired!

Post by Gumblesaur on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:18 am

The camera takes us backstage to Laura Sampson's office, and finally reveals Angela Marshall and Laura Sampson having a 'discussion'.

Angela Marshall

You watched the match, you saw how that DUNCE screwed my client out of her victory and still you do nothing about it, I've been watching the other matches that halfwit has referee'd and his incapability to call the match after a 3 count is astounding! So Laura, what is going to be done about it?

Laura Sampson

I'm sorry Angela, i just can't fire a referee for something you have no proof of, anyway it was only 1 mistak--

Angela Marshall

Ah! Now you see, i knew you would say that! That's why i took the time to gather my proof, boys bring it in!

Angela claps and the door opens instantly, a TV monitor is hauled in by 2 young men, Angela turns on the TV and plays the clip. At this point Laura Sampson could be seen getting increasingly irate with Marshall's antics.

Angela Marshall

Now, as you can see, My client's opponent clearly did not kick out in the allocated 3 second time period, I would like the decision reversed and that buffoon fired, thank you.

Laura Sampson

Ms. Marshall, i apologize but...the referees decision is final, and from now on you will not tell me how to run MY brand and/or what I am to do with MY staff now please leave my office.

Sampson's words took Marshall by surprise and after letting them sink in, she could only help but to turn beetroot red in anger.

Angela Marshall

This is NOT the last you'll hear of this Ms. Sampson.

Marshall stormed out of the room swinging the door wide and leaving it ajar.

Laura Sampson

Oh, and one more thing Ms. Marshall!

The shout fell just into earshot of the steaming Marshall, thinking it would be good news for her client Marshall put on a happy face and darted back to the office, poking her head around the door frame smiling she said-

Angela Marshall

Yes, what is it Ms. Sampson?

Laura Sampson looked up from her desk and with a grin said-

Laura Sampson

Oh, if you wouldn't mind closing the door, that would be great!

Marshall's smile vanished and through gritted teeth she shut the door, Now more angry than she had ever been, she ventured off to find her client.


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