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A True Champion

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A True Champion

Post by Childish Meltzer on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:18 am

A red carpet has been rolled down the ramp, paparazzi lined up on either side of it.

Omega Lee’s theme hits and the boos come in immediately and ferociously as the people watch as Lee walks confidently onto the stage. On one side of him stands Marley Kassell holding the Television Championship. On the other side is the lovely Miss Roxanne holding the money in the bank briefcase. Lee takes the lead down the ramp as cameras flash while balloons and confetti pour down from the rafters. Cole Savage has really gone all out to ensure that his client gets to savor every second of his big victory.

Lee pauses at the foot of the ramp and holds up his arms. Kassell hands him the Television Championship and Roxanne gives Mr. MitB his briefcase. It’s a sight to behold as Lee poses with his two most prized possessions, his trophies from two hard fought battles displayed proudly. To think that he’s actually one win away from being the most powerful man on the roster must be a scary thought for the rest of the Intensity roster.

He walks up the steel stairs and enters the ring with swagger, exuding confidence and he doesn’t even have to say that he feels he’s untouchable, unbeatable, unstoppable, his body language conveys just that. He stands there in the middle of the ring just like that, allowing the crowd to see what greatness looks like. Meanwhile, Marley Kassell grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

-Marley Kassell-
Look at him! Look at him! My man right here is the best thing to ever happen to this goddamn company! He could win the Global Champion at any moment, but instead he did you all a favor by giving this belt a real home! We know who it is that you tune in to see each and every week, and it sure as shit ain’t that choir boy Eric Matthews. This guy is like rice. Good for you, it even tastes decent, but it’s nothing special. It’s boring. Love us or hate us, you fucking know that Omega Lee is the most exicting, premiere athelete on the roster. Everywhere he goes, the big ratings follows.

Not only did he win the title in a match that turns boys to men, but he did it while eliminating Matthews’ punk ass to boot. Serves him right by coasting on reputation all this time. Remember when he and Aaron Waite conspired to not help Omega at Showdown? I remember that. I remember how they were so jealous of the up and comer gunning for the top spot that they were willing to sabotage Intensity’s honor to do it. And what happened to them last Sunday? Failure. Karma. Sweet, sweet motherfucking karma. And it couldn’t have happened to two bigger wastes of space. These are two has-beens who can’t accept that their time has come and gone. It’s Omega’s turn to take the reigns and lead Intensity to heights it’s never been to before.

And I know the haters are going to come out of the woodwork to talk this and that. We already got piece of trash Anthony Brown trying to keep himself in the spotlight after he got his ass whooped inside of that chamber. Did you hear what he said, Omega? Talking about how we owe him for the win. Is he out his goddamn mind? He failed to beat Matthews because he’s punching above his weight trying to hang with the big boys. You took out Matthews because you’re just that damn good. You won the match because you’re in a league of your own.

Hey, Anthony, you know why they call you Brown, kid? Because you’re just a little shit who can’t accept that you’ll never be good enough to stand toe to toe with the likes of Omega. You wrestle like shit. You dance like shit. And if you keep running your mouth, I’m going to find you, rip your tongue out of your mouth, slap your around with it and then shov--

Omega Lee snatches the microphone out of Kassell’s hand and gives him a look.

《Omega Lee》
Woah woah woah easy there Marley, the cardiologist said that vein in your forehead could explode if you keep these anger tangents up, but that's what I like about you Marley. Seeing you being so aggressive brought out a side of me that I never knew existed and probably wouldn't be prepared for the brutal Elimination Chamber and this Television Championship that's over my shoulder right now probably wouldn't be over my shoulder if it wasn't for you and I just wanted to say thank you.
Miss Roxanne I want to thank you for designing my gear and teaching me how to  look the part of a champion, without you I'd probably still have that ridiculous afro, shucking and jiving for the fans in a pair of joggers.
And finally I want to thank the man who brought this all together, I'm sure you all remember last season at the time I was competing on Fusion selling myself short as a light heavyweight, working my ass off for the little guy to get their shine, getting no recognition until I met Cole Savage a man with such name value and importance in CMV took a immature kid from Georgia and turned him into the greatest wrestler on the planet because he saw where CMV had to evolved to and all I had to do was follow his advice. I've exceeded my own expectations to the point that even I can't comprehend, when I agreed to come back to CMV we had a plan and that plan was to revitalize this company and breathe a little bit of greatness into it and we're just one cash in from doing just that.
As I walk around with that piece of gold, that piece of strap that I now walk so proudly with I couldn't of done it without you, the fans because as the match went on and got more and more physical I started to notice some changes in the way felt about me and the rest of "Friends of Cole Savage" and after getting the final pin on Ringo Maxx I heard the chants "You deserve it" *clap clap clap×2* "You deserve it"

The fans in attendance break out in a chant for Lee leaving him to take it all in giving the young breakout a small grin that soon fades away.

But ONLY when I won, did you start to cheer for me just like Exodus! When I first came to CMV I used to think you guys were the best fans around the world. After pinning Eric Matthews and Ringo Maxx it shook to the Earth's core, the world knows change is coming because I'm more real than any champion in this company, I'm one in a million, most of the champions don't even care, some have to wear masks, some don't even give a damn at all in being champion. Whether it's two guys beating the piss and blood out of each other just to hold the Anarchy Championship for 5 minutes just because they're not good enough for real championships, then we have what they call the Light Heavyweight Championship with flippy high flyers that wouldnt be anything at all had I not fought for air time and maybe I shouldnt of wasted my time on talentless division, I couldnt tell you who's in any of the tag divisions, and let's not forget to mention the lackadaisical overrated Golden Boy World Champions.
But when you put all of that combined there's only ONE true, ONE real, ONE perfect champion and that is ME! So as of today I can honestly tell you fans should buckle up for this ride, because are in marks of the greatest wrestler in professional wrestling, I'm the greatest champion in professional wrestling, I'm the greatest talker in professional wrestling today. So fans get ready buckle up and cheer me or you can just hate me either way I'm going to succeed in spite of all you.


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