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If you want the job done right.... (UnChained Day One)

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If you want the job done right.... (UnChained Day One)

Post by Miztacular on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:14 pm

Cassie Maverick was evidently not happy when Sophia Caldwell failed to take down Fury in their match at UnChained and so, while Fury was distracted, looking to jump the leader of No Morality after their match, the current CMV Womens Intercontinental Champion flanked Fury attacking The Urban Warrior from behind before then making her way over to attack Sophia Caldwell, talking plenty of trash to the both of them before being escorted from the ring, you know what they say, if you want the job done right, do it yourself.

Mariah finally got a bit of sweet revenge against Angelina Hawkins who had attacked Mariah less than a month ago with a chair, well tonight, Mariah unleashed her pent up aggression and unloaded on Hawkins on the match screaming "I'll show you how to send a message!" and that was not the last we'd hear of Mariah for that night.

Ally Cage attempted to offer Rose a gesture of respect after pinning her in return, but Rose would have none of it, stomping Ally into the ground, however it would be surprisingly broken up by Mariah who at first seemed as if she was out to help Cage.

However this belief was silenced when Mariah turned on Cage, sending the unbeaten Vixen crashing to the mat leaving a surprised Rose Punish standing tall in the ring, perhaps this is what Mariah meant when she said she was to send a message, cementing herself in the mind of the General Manager, question is, has she stretched herself too thin with a target on her back from not only Hawkins, but perhaps Ally Cage too.

Pandora did what she was set out to do by the Puppet Master Tops Newsome when she put down Tia Powley after quite the brawl, however she wasn't finished there, she rolled Powley into the ring and looked to continue with a beatdown, and it would've happened had it not been for fellow No Morality member Jasmine Crossings making the save.

Maddy Zendran took a cheap way out against Zendran, bringing out her ally in alexis Olsen turning it into a two on one match and even then it took a lot to put down the 2018 Queen of the ring winner, and after the match was over the duo tried to jump the Canadian who fought valiantly, but eventually the numbers game was too much and Zendran was able to send Wilson through the ropes down to the outside.

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