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Third Annual Glammy Awards!

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Third Annual Glammy Awards!

Post by Miztacular on Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:12 pm

The Nominee's

To vote, as always all you have to do is send me a pm of your votes, the results will be announced after No Remorse.

Gone But Not Forgotten
Brett Angel
Bryan Novak
Nick Blake
Nick Starr

Promoer of the Year
Aaron-(Aaron Waite/Kristen Page/Sunshine)
Gent-(D'Angelo St. Daniels/Omega Lee/Zack Starr)
Krzy-("1 Shot" Leona/Brett Angel/Cole Savage)
Tim-(Aerora/Nick Blake/Voice Vindy)
Topher-(Quinn-Belle/Tia Powley/Tops Newsome)

Feud of the Year
Aaron Waite-Zack Starr
DSD-Friends of Cole Savage
Kane Vs UnMatched
Kristen Page Vs Jade Dynamite
No Morality Vs Vixens Division

Heel of the Year
Cole Savage
Cassie Maverick
Kristen Page
Marko Punish

Face of the Year
"1 Shot" Leona
Brett Angel
D'Angelo St. Daniels
Dawn Bryan
Eric Matthews

Superstar Attire of the Year
D'Angelo St. Daniels
Jaymes Landon Vain
Kevin Payne

Vixen Attire of the Year
Jade Divine
Kristen Page
Lexin Damjen

OMG Moment of the Year
Aaron Waite winning the 64 man tournament of legends to become Global Champion
August Happytown winning the Rumble
Brett Angels surprise return against Marko Punish
Kristen Page retaining against a cash in
Sunshines iMPLOSION appearance

Match of the Year
Aaron Waite Vs Tops Newsome (Intensity #3)
Hayden Vs Brock Lesnar (iMPLOSION Day One)
Jade Dynamite Vs Lexin Damjen (UnChained)
Morgan Black Vs Megan Cooper (UnChained)
NXT Championship Elimination Chamber (UnChained)

Card of the Year
Climb 2 Fame
Redemption Road
UnChained (1st one)

Newcomer of the Year
Ashley Kelly
Murasaki Ryuu
Solomon Glock
Voice Vindy

Underdog of the Year
August Happytown
Leo Cruz
Luther Thunder
Tops Newsome
Voice Vindy

Tag Team of the Year
Buddy & Brutus
The Bringers of Despair
The Gladiators
The New Orient Express
The Saints

Vixen of the Year
Cassie Maverick
Jade Divine
Jade Dynamite
Kristen Page

Superstar of the Year
Aaron Waite
Brett Angel
Eric Matthews
Leo Cruz
Marko Punish

Champion of the Year
Cassie Maverick
Jade Divine
Kristen Page
Marko Punish
The Bringers of Despair

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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