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Heatline Bling

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Heatline Bling

Post by Matthew on Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:31 pm

Son of a son of a son of a sheik and Shanzy Anzy his own self watch taggle match tonight with mild interest.  Friends of Bubba pay no mork and mind to who be happy meal winner, but we both bigly fan of heatline bling song, so supposes moses that we rootie tootie fresh frooty for Heatline Memes.  Let me show video of our friends dance to song.

As Shanaz and Son dance along with the song even though it's already ended, in walks their confused manager, Rex Carter, greeting them with a loud burp.

Rex Carter
Wut in duh hayell are yall doin. Yall aint even wrasslin tonight. I am. Shrek, did you get what I asked for?

Son nods and reveals a big ass snake and hands it to Rex who quickly drops it to the floor in a panic.

Rex Carter
I dint ask for no gotdamn snake boy! I asked for a 12 pack. Shit. Ran outta moonshine and I ain't got no beer. I'm dry ballin it now, wish me luck boys.

Real #1 Bubbas
Good luck!

Rex Carter
Who are you?

And with that, he walks off to get ready for his match with Sam Valentine as Shanaz and Son look on at the TV to watch Party Hard and Hotline Miami.


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