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RISE and Fall

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RISE and Fall

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:03 am

What an amazing showing it was by The Australian Daredevil, Jeremy Blake, in the main event of Thursday night Genesis edition number sixty-nine. He took a horrendous beating from RISE for at least twenty minutes but just would not stop getting back up, blood, sweat and most certainly tears being shed in the process. And then to get the win! A shock upset if there ever was one, Blake putting that signature heart of his on display, only for it to be ravaged by Murdoc! As soon as the bell rings, The Monstrous One is back on his feet, delivering a big boot right to the back of Jeremy's head! In to the ring comes Pierre Thompson, who's virtually unscathed seeing as how he spent all-but a minute on the ring apron during the match. He's caught off from the side by Sebastian, who tackles him down to the canvas and holds him there so that Sean Silva can get into the ring, slowly taking off his devilish looking fedora and hanging it up on one of the top turnbuckles. He then proceeds to remove his jacket, taking his time in all of this as if to savor the moment.

They've finally got him, no Blake to interfere this time around. Silva rolls up his sleeves, Pierre struggling and shouting out the entire time "you cowards! Punks! Pussies!" That's when Sean is finally ready to start the mauling, while Vachon has Thompson's shoulders pinned, Murdoc with a foot firmly planted on Primetime's chest, Double S kneels down and begins firing off rights after rights after rights after rights, so fast that if you were to blink you'd miss ten of 'em! Blood is pouring from Pierre's nose and a nasty gash has taken it's place above his left eye, but Silva continues on, it's like a Quentin Tarantino movie in the ring at this point. And that's when Jeremy takes to the ring once again, although battered to all hell and bruised like a rotten peach, the CMV veteran won't allow his friend to be beaten on like this, not while he can still do something about it! AND- BAM!!! As soon as he stands to his feet, Murdoc just about knocks his head clean off with a clothesline that can be from nowhere but the deepest and darkest reaches of hell itself!

Sean smiles, as if a demon has taken over his body he looks at his bloodied hands and laughs, cocking back his fist for another blow when down the ramp charges- SALVI!!! The Masked Man explodes to his feet with a hook to Vachon, a jab to Murdoc and a kick to Silva's gut! Back and forth he goes taking on all three members of RISE, throwing hands every which way like a blizzard of pure badass-ary!!! He takes Sebastian by the back of his head and tosses him clean over the top rope, and with a thud the Frenchman's head knocks right off of the ring apron. Murdoc gives him a forearm to the spine, but that just pisses Salvi off to be quite frank, he delivers his own forearm right to Murdoc's FACE, the big man dropping like a stone to the mat down below. Then it is only Sean who remains, scrambling to use the ropes and hoist himself back up, The Masked Man helps him out like the good Samaritan that he is, putting him in position for his deadly leaping tombstone pile-driver and sending him on his way, the crack of Silva's neck on the canvas enough to make any grown man squirm!!! Desolation is the name of this game (no, not Bludgeon and Trauma) as the rookie looks down at the motionless Pierre, not checking on him or anything but just sort of shaking his head slowly, the medical team finally arriving as they enter the ring and Salvi takes his leave through the crowd, Genesis coming to a close . . .

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


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