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A Challenge Right Up Your Ally (CMV.com Exclusive-Ferocity Ep. 4)

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A Challenge Right Up Your Ally (CMV.com Exclusive-Ferocity Ep. 4)

Post by Miztacular on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:31 pm

Midway through the show the current General Manager bumped into a frustrated Ally Cage to present her with a challenge to really prove herself at UnChained against an Unnamed opponent, Ally of course had no choice to accept in order to get her name out their, but certainly wasn't feeling very good about not knowing who she was preparing for.

Caldwell failed to get the jump on Fury before her match with Ashleigh Infinitee during the show, suffering a devesting kick to the back of the neck knocking the leader of No Morality out cold, but before Fury could do more, the enforcer and the high flyer of the group in Compromise and Emily jumped Fury from behind making it a numbers game that Fury simply couldn't keep up with.

After an impressive debut by Alexis Olsen defeating the formerly unbeaten Russian, Angelina Hawkins, Maddy Zendran did a bit of scouting backstage, looking to form an alliance with the young gun in order to rip apart 2018's Queen of the ring winner Casey Wilson, seeing it would be most advantageous for her Olsen gladly accepted.

The duo searched the backstage area, jumping Casey Wilson from behind ahead of her match against Maddy Zendran on the upcoming UnChained PPV. Looking to ensure a healthy advantage for Maddy.

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