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Post by 316topher on Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:51 pm

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Bloody Brit has made his way back to the States after a dominant victory at Milestone and is training hard...

Brit : 1..2..3..4...5...6 what a work-out.

Miles : Another round?

Brit : But of course, only had 6 lagers so far, hahaha

Miles : Oh shit, i'm out of cash.

Brit : Bloody hell Miles, you're always skint.

Miles : Well you're the one with all the gold, making them dolla dolla billz.

Brit : Fine, here.... now go get some lagers mate.

Miles goes to the bar to get some lagers...
Brit sits on a stool and puts the Anarchy title  over his shoulder and pats it.

Mac : Oh hey Brit...

Mac sits next to Brit...

Brit : The hell do you want? and how did you even know i was here.

Mac : I'm everywhere it's my job.

Brit : Ya mean CMV actually pays ya?

Mac : Kinda, sometimes they try and forget, just to save some bucks.....  Any way earlier today Blake and Cage were talking about you.

Brit : Sounds about right, what they say then?

Mac proceeds to recap what was said...

Brit : Look at this belt, i wear this title with proud, they must be dumb as fuck to think otherwise... Why on earth do you think i'm the only guy around here with most title defenses from my 1st reign.. Unlike the rest of these so called champions, who have 4,5 month reigns with 2 title defenses i go out there and defend each and every time sometimes 3 times in a fortnight... Why do you think i'm the only guy on the roster with 5 PPV matches this season. I go out there and i do what i do best, hit some Revenge on these scrubs. Ya see i could have easily vacated the title and gone after the biggest title in history, but i'm not like Hayden. Every title is worth having and there's a reason why i am the best and longest Anarchy champion in CMV history. So they can sit there bitch, piss and moan and they want to talk about excuses, that i need my country men, bitch please, i've been pinning guys like Tim LaFave, Paul Divine, Hayden, and the list continues...and i wasn't home as they put it...... Well they got 1 thing right i did beat Blake too.... Ya see there's a difference between not wanting the belt and a fighting champion.... Sure Cage beat me the 1st time, but i don't cry about it, i come back and hit some Revenge and take back what is rightfully mine.
So Mac why don't you run along, go tell Blake, go tell Cage, hell go tell all there little gang, Revenge is best served on assholes that deserve it. Cage i will see you at Point break to settle this once and for all.

Miles comes back and places the lager down on the table.

Miles : What the hell.....I go away for 5 mins and this little bitch takes my seat.... I already have police investigating me cuz i took a bus and had a little joy ride..... Now this....

Brit : Only 1 thing to do Miles.

Mac : Wait what,??? Oh sh...

Brit/Miles : Time to take out the trash.

Miles scoops up Mac onto his shoulder and takes him outside, and what do you know a dumpster is set up nicely.

Mac : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo


1x CMV Television Champion - Top's Newsome

1x CMV Womens Undisputed Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Vixens Champion - Quinn-Belle
1x CMV Undisputed Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV International Champion - Chris Andrews
2x CMV Anarchy Champion - Chris Andrews
1x CMV Wold Tag Team Champion (Divine Affairs w/Paul Divine)
1x CMV Womans Intercontinental Champion - Dawn Bryan
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
2x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion - El Jefe
1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Don Bishop (The Wanderers w/ Gavin Extreme)
1x CMV World Tag Team Champions - Police Squad
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Main Event Star!

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