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SKYBOX: The Official Site of The Friends of Cole Savage

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SKYBOX: The Official Site of The Friends of Cole Savage

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:02 pm

Stop by here for the latest happenings involving Cole Savage's star clients and those sworn to keep them safe.

[some kind of art work coming soon]


Megan Cooper

Leo Cruz

Omega Lee

JustIN Sane

Zack Cage

"Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future."

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MarKas Defeats Three in One Match

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:02 pm

A video clip captured by a fan cam and approved to be hosted on SKYBOX shows Marely “MarKas” Kassell quickly rolling out of the ring the moment Miller and Maxx slide in. Kassell pulls off his mask and begins laughing boasting that he gets “the big bucks for the big results.”

Whether or not this victory, or Omega Lee having the night off in general gives the current Money in the Bank holder a tangible advantage in the Television Championship Elimination Chamber Match remains to be seen, however.

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Nick Blake Still Isn't Impressed by Andrews

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:45 pm

This SKYBOX video shows a visibly frustrated Nick Blake and a curiously not-as-visibly-upset Zack Cage walking down the hallways after Cage lost the championship back to Chris Andrews.

“I know Ice gave us that pep talk before he went God-knows-where,” Blake says through clenched teeth, “but this pisses me off. I’m sick of seeing those who already have so much hold back those who never had it.”

Cage doesn’t respond, just gives Blake a look to at least show that he’s paying attention.

”See with JustIN Sane, I can..I can let it go at least,” Blake closes his eyes tightly to force away flashbacks of that failed cash in.

“There are bigger things at play there. But Chris Andrews? What a goddamn punk bitch hypocrite. He did the same to me. Beat me for a title that he doesn’t even want. Can you believe that? A title he doesn’t even want.”

Cage finally chimes in, “Just the only title he can win.”

Blake runs a hand through his hair as the pair turn a corner.

“Yeah, he cares about it until they dangle something that shines a little brighter in front of his face. Remember the list of excuses he had typed out, printed and laminated when he couldn’t get the job done against Sane?”

The two share a chuckle about that one.

“Better yet,” Blake continues, “let’s talk about how they had to pack us all up and send us away to England just so Andrews would have a fighting chance. He needed a country behind him to stop us.”

Cage shakes his head.

“Not stop us...slow us down.”

A grin finds its way onto Cage’s face. “It’s just as Cole Savage told us: All that matters is that finally, after all this time, I got a taste for the gold. Now I’m hungrier than ever.”

The two nod, their plans and motives for the future clear as day to them.

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An Open Letter to Xander Slate

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:56 pm

Folks, I’ve hoped you’ve been enjoying your time browsing through SKYBOX. Apologies for its current appearance; as you all know perfection isn’t instant. Bear with us as my vision begins to take shape.

However, there is something that has to be addressed immediately, and that is the conspiracy surrounding one of my newest clients, JustIN Sane.

Losses are losses. They happen. I’ve already spoken about the Law of Averages and how it applies here. Also, it is necessary that we take into consideration that the man in question this time around is Paul Divine. The poor guy was due something going right for him at some point. Let’s not forget his desperate chase for success as I outmaneuvered him to secure the Hardcore Championship as my own. And let’s not forget that Paul Divine has all gotten your hopes up about making something of himself before, and let you down each and every time.

Don’t be fooled again.

There. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can get back to the issue at hand. I don’t know who exactly is behind trying to sabotage my client, but it’s gotten to a point where this has got to be settled one way or another. And it will be dealt with before the year is done. Trust me on that one.

And you can also trust me when I say that I know you’re a liar, Xander. That’s just who you are. It’s a mindset of being a “dirty heel” that you’ve turned into your claim to fame. I already suspected you were involved before, but last week only cemented that as truth. How can I be so sure? Because you’re stupid, Xander.

You thought you were clever waltzing right into the most sacred place in CMV. So clever, in fact, that you never thought to question how it would be so easy. I keep a city’s worth of bodyguards on my payroll, and you never wondered why not a single one was stationed in, out or around that room. Never. (Or maybe you worked up a thrilling tale of espionage that puts Bond to shame.) That’s why you’re the challenger and not the champion.

Well, no. Insults aside, you’re challenger because of who you were sent by. Somebody who wants to put JustIN Sane in a lose-lose situation. Either he beats a guy who was twiddling his thumbs in aimless disputes hours before...or he loses to that guy.

A guy who was on the phone with that somebody last week. Don’t bother denying it. You were in the Skybox--a room I made sure had cameras...and microphones installed in before I left it alone for any "random" passerby to walk into. I’m going to play the contents of the tape--no matter who wins or loses, rain or shine--the Fusion after Point Break. In the meantime, I’ll decide if I want to press charges on you for trespassing on private property.

What a sight it would be to see you dragged out after the main event of Point Break by armed police men. Bonus points for irony if it happens after you somehow win the title.

Don’t worry, though. I don’t personally blame you for your role in this. I’ve been playing the game long enough to know that a pawn can’t help how it’s used.

All the best,
”Ice” Cole Savage

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Main Event Star!

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Re: SKYBOX: The Official Site of The Friends of Cole Savage

Post by Sponsored content

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