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Lines have been crossed...

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Lines have been crossed...

Post by Jay Davis on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:58 pm

*As the Ending of the Live-Event occurred, Jaquan Shay’s music hit as he walked down the ramp into the ring, with a mic. He then began to speak to Mr. Nelson Jr.*

Jaquan Shay: There’s not one person in this company that I want to beat the living crap out of, except you. What is it with me that you have a problem with anyway, Randy? Is it because I...I beat you at Milestone along with the other 2? Well I mean, if you actually did something in that match except hog the lime-light, you wouldn’t be in this predicament. I know we have a match at Point Break, but I thought about it. What would be better than just two wrestlers doing what they were meant to do? Two wrestlers beating the absolute shit out of each other with numerous weapons to come at hand! So, Rand Nelson Jr., not only am I challenging you AGAIN for a match at Point Break, but I am challenging you to a 3 STAGES OF HELL MATCH!! Think about it, there’s always something to top something else. And that fatal four way was nothing but Non-Stop Action for me. Suicide Dive, DDT to the side of the ring, Hell I almost killed Adams Adams in the ring that night.

Nelson Jr.: Oh and what a shame of that mess, huh!? You...you just happen to think that you are the best in this business. That you control the ballgame. That you are the one with all the power. Well you’re not!! You are just a sad, little, defenseless rookie wanting to make a name for himself.  Face the facts, Shay. Even if I did want this match to happen, how long would it take to actually break you in those 3 matches? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Look, all I’m saying is that that Fatal 4 Way was a fluke. And I should’ve been the one winning that whole thing. So you’re lucky. Also-

*As he continues, he bashes the microphone he had in the head of Jaquan Shay. Shay, holding his head, laid on the ring in pain. Randy then get’s Jaquan’s mic as he then continues with what he was saying.*

Nelson Jr
: I accept!

*Randy then throws the mic at Jaquan and then walks out of the ring, to a crowd of booing fans. He smirks as he walks up the ramp and into the back*


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