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Your time is coming

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Your time is coming

Post by HardlineOyster on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:54 pm

We open up to the abandoned church with Father Victor sitting on a table flipped sideways, and holding the necklace that was introduced as being important to Marcantel for some reason. However Marcantel is nowhere to be seen.

Victor: This necklace.....is more important than most people realize. I mean I'm using it to take advantage of my son, Marcantel. But I'm only doing that cause it's helping him, he listens to me and does whatever I want him to with this necklace, therefore I am in full control of him. However, Marcantel knows it's working, so don't even think about trying to turn him against me you fools. You all will be just wasting your time, and Marcantel has already made it clear that he's ok with it.

After that Marcantel then appears out of the darkness beside Victor, leaving Victor with a smile on his face.

Victor: Oh my son.....your time will come. I will win the light heavyweight championship, and you may have to wait a month, or two months or three months, anyway the point is that before the season of CMV is over, I promise you that you will get your chance at either the Alpha title or the International title. If you don't then I swear I will put the fear of Lucifer in the whole locker room.

Father Victor then looks in the camera with a twisted amused look

Victor: Oh you imbeciles, you really thought I was a son of God? WRONG!!!! I am the son of Lucifer himself, and my son Marcantel is Lucifers favorite demon. There are the answers to all the questions spinning around CMV ever since we got here, and now Marcantel will start proving from now on, why he should be feared and be at the top of the food chain in CMV.
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Re: Your time is coming

Post by Bloody_justice on Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:45 am

I knew Victor worshiped lucifer aka the devil!
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