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Lex Night post match interview

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Lex Night post match interview

Post by zquet on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:54 pm

Following his upset victory over Crowe on CMV fusion #69 Lex Night is standing backstage with Lisa Evans in the interview area Evans is holding a microphone up to her mouth and as she is given a signal from a crew member offscreen she starts to speak.

"Ladies and Gentleman joining me at this time is CMV fusion superstar Lex Night. Lex you just defeated Crowe to earn yourself a shot at the CMV united states championship in the armageddon hell in a cell match at Point Break, what is going on in your mind right now knowing that you could win your first title so early in your CMV career?" Lisa Asks as she postions the mic in front of Lex.

"Lisa i feel freaking fantastic, i may be viewed as the underdog in this fight but if anyone in that cell tries to underestmate me? well then they will have a whole lot of trouble coming for them look what i did to Azreal weeks ago nobody thought i would defeat him and what did i do? pin him in the middle of the ring, fast foward to tonight surely there had to be some people who thought i would fall to the hands of Crowe tonight but what did i do? i hit him with my signature electric chair spin out powerbomb and made him fall down for the One Two Three let this be a warning to all five of my opponents at point break i may have purple hair, i may have these stars on my tights but i am young i am hungry and i want that big shiny gold around my waist and i don't care who i have to go through to get it." Lex boldly states.

Following his words Lex starts to walk out of the interview area as Lisa starts to speak.

"Well ladies and gentleman there you have it strong words from the CMV newcomer Lex Night back to you Dashing." Lisa says as the feed cuts back to the ring

Second Annual CMV tag team cup winner (with Eric Thunder)
CMV World tag team champion (1 time with Eric Thunder)


Second Annual CMV tag team cup winner (With Matt Jefferson)
CMV World tag team champion (1 time with Matt Jefferson)




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