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During the Live Show taping

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During the Live Show taping

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:09 pm

Dennis Lewis does his entrance for the live show match with James Smith by his side. Monroe appears on the titantron.

Cut the music. Cut the music... This right here is THE DIRTY Dennis Lewis. THIS right here is the SoCal Bro The Real American James Smith, who by the way already got a win over Ray last week. These are the new faces of Fusion.
Genesis has our tag team, The Misfits and they are quickly showing that whole roster why they are the most dynamic tag team on the show.
Together we are Xtreme and we are the future of this industry.
You want Dennis Lewis to do the dirty to Rip Ray? Then RIP, RAY!
And if the guy in the booth really wants any of my men to take on that Mexican Freak, El Jefe... James Smith would be happy to curb stomp that snorkel right into his face, but that would mean you would have to find a way to a Fusion show. You better hope you don't win that Light Heavyweight Title, because that might give him a reason to go over there and take it from you.

Hell, If they'd let me I would do it myself!

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Re: During the Live Show taping

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:51 pm

After the match Monroe appears on the titantron again.

I'm sorry. I guess my speech earlier cut off the ring announcer and she failed to mention... the 15 minute time limit. We have a flight to catch. And Ray, it looks like that match was 13 seconds over the limit. Go ahead, take a look.

James Smith slides into the ring as Rip Ray looks at the distraction.
Dirty dennis gets to his feet as they stand behind him.

So you have a loss and a draw against us. But you just rocked that match out and showed the universe what you have. We could use someone like you, as we are in the same business. We will even give you the win and throw out that time limit thing...

Rip Ray turns around to James Smith offering a handshake.

A) Rip Ray joins them
B) Rip Raw attacks them
C) Rip Ray walks away or responds back
D) Dennis Lewis does something dirty


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