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El Jefe meets The Bloody Brit

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El Jefe meets The Bloody Brit

Post by 316topher on Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:49 pm

We are live in the O2 arena, London, England and what a Milestone for CMV this truly was The Bloody Brit is in the ring celebrating in re-capturing the Anarchy title from Zack Cage with some Revenge….But we are backstage with Mac Thompson who has caught up with another winner earlier tonight in El Jefe.

Mac : Ladies and Gentlemen, El Jefe and El Jefe may I congratulate you in advancing to the Semi-Finals where you will be facing either King Matt or Father Victor, your thoughts please.

EJ : Amigo, I have to address Fear or Bill Maverick, whatever he wants to be called, but we showed CMV what light heavyweights can do, we were flying off the turnbuckles, going 100mph non-stop action essay, then I hit the Fish Kick from out of no where, yea that super kick was deadly, it gave me the  uno, dos…umm… 3 for the win.  Now I will be facing King Matt or Father Victor in the semi’s like you just said essay, well bring on the king, bring on the father, who ever advances… To be honest essay Dashing said after my match that I could be facing Kaiva in the semi’s, so I don’t know who I’ll be facing but then again, I welcome anybody… I’ll be waiting and when we face and I win, I’ll be heading to finals.

Mac : Well before that happens, a challenge was made directed towards you El Jefe, Elijah Stewart wants you 1 on 1 on Genesis.

EJ : Ah Eli Vs El…Elijah you put your hands on me, knocking me down on my ass, I did not appreciate that, you say you was sorry, but I can see through your lies, you aren’t sorry, you enjoyed it. So Genesis my friend, you get your wish as you face the Fish…..ARIBAAAAAAAAA

El Jefe and Mac Thompson both look left when none other than The New Anarchy Champ himself The Bloody Brit has made his way backstage.

Mac  :  Congratulations Bloody Brit on becoming a 2 time Anarchy Champion.

El Jefe : Essay, let me shake your hand, you are a true champion.

Brit : Lagers on me guys....What the bloody hell are you wearing? Well ya have guts kid, i give ya that.


Brit : Did ya bloody see how fast I reclaimed back my title...…. Cage is Champion ….. Nah more like Cage WAS Champion, I mean it took him 3 years to get a title, probably take another 3 years for him to be a champion again… So him, Blake, Savage and the rest of there crew who thought they had this one in the bag… Well like I said Revenge was Coming Home…And I hit that Revenge 1st  chance I got.

Mac : Brit you sure wasn’t getting paid by the hour, you Arrived, hit Suplex City…then when time was right connected with some Revenge and left as the New Anarchy Champ once again.

Brit : I sure did, I was watching from, on top of that bus all night, waiting for my match, Miles is still in the driving seat, passed out. When he wakes up we can celebrate like Foreign Affairs do best. In-fact I have tomorrow off, No Fusion for me for once, but I might show up and show off my belt, or I might just celebrate with the lads and gals… Well I have to go find my brother, he was thrown out of the building for getting in a fight at ringside, never mess with someones lager though, I heard the guy next to him knocked my bro’s beer out of his hand. Well anyone who knows me, that’s a no-no….. Well cya….

Brit walks off with the Anarchy title across his shoulder as Mac shakes his head and El Jefe smiles.


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1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
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