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It's on.........

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It's on.........

Post by 316topher on Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:30 pm

Lisa Evans is in the middle of the ring….

Lisa : Welcome to Ferocity #4 in what should be an entertaining show as always…. But lets kick the show off with an interview for a match later tonight…. So without further ado let me introduce 1 member of No Morality, she is the loose cannon, she is Tia Powley.

No Morality’s theme hits and out comes Tia Powley alone with her custom baseball bat, she’s yelling at the fans as they boo her.  Tia steps in the ring and takes a mic from Lisa.

Tia : Give me that..

The fans let Tia know what they think about her by booing even more.

Tia : Yea like I care what anyone of you think…. Pandora you bitch, get out here right now.

Pandora does not appear.

Tia : AHHHHH  I SAID GET OUT HERE!!! You attacked my parents at their home, you messed with my family, Now I’m going to mess with you. You put them in hospital…. You think you’re crazy, bitch I got news for you, I was crazy way before you arrived on the scene. Stop hiding behind that Puppet Master and  GET THE HELL OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!.......... Fine well later tonight Pandora you will face me 1 on 1 in a No Disqualification match, that means I get to do what I want, when I want and no one can stop me…..

The lights flicker as Pandora’s theme hits,  we can barely see a thing due to all the smoke.. Tia stands in the middle of the ring looking up towards the ramp…. The lights come back on and the smoke settles… Tia still waiting and ready for a fight but nothing, she turns around and Pandora dives off the turnbuckle with a cross body on Tia who didn’t see it coming. Pandora starts unloading with lefts and rights on Tia, But Tia manages to push Pandora away and picks up the baseball bat she brought to the ring. Tia jabs the bat into Pandora’s stomach, knocking her down to her knees… Tia is poised and is about to deliver another blow with the bat, but Pandora punches Tia in the gut causing her to drop the baseball as it rolls on the matt all the way till it drops off the apron, both Pandora and Tia are both on there knees, they slowly get to a standing position and start trading blows with one and other… Referees, officials, security  all rush the ring to break up the brawl.


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