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[CMV Exclusive] Interview with William Jordan

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[CMV Exclusive] Interview with William Jordan

Post by Jay Davis on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:23 am

*As UnMatched comes back from Commercial break, an Interviewer is sitting with newest signee, William Jordon, backstage.*

Interviewer: Hello, CMV Universe. I am here with the newest signing to Unmatched, William Jordan. William, it is a pleasure to meet you.

William Jordan: Ssssh...Call me Mr.Jordan.

Interviewer: Okay….Mr.Jordan. Why is it that you’ve come to CMV?

William Jordan: Do you understand the basics of this? Of course not. Well here we go, I am here because I like beating the Sh*t out of people. I like breaking limbs, specifically the arms because, if you were smart, you’d realise that most of these Dumbasses use nothing but their arms and it’s a disgrace to “Wrestling” as in it wouldn’t be this way if the British showed you lousy Americans what true Wrestling is.

: So you're saying you have a gameplan, even before your matches?

William Jordan: Ask anyone who's champion now. Ask Sunshine if he had a gameplan. Ask Justin Sane if he had a gameplan. They all had a gameplan and that’s why they are here now as champions. Everyone thinks that this sport is easy and it’s scripted, but in the end, when you bash your skull in or break your spine, you’ll realise that this sport isn’t so goddamn easy.

Interviewer: Speaking of champions, if you were to go for a championship, what would you go for?

William Jordan: Sunshine, of course. I’ve seen his matches and I’ve studied him. Sure his finisher is a Codebreaker, but everything else he does is mainly using his arms. So my gameplan is to take out his arms and make him tap out. He’s…....“special” in some case, but that doesn’t mean he’s indestructible. I am the best wrestler in the UK. Matter fact, the best in Europe!! And I deserve to be named the champion around here. Even if I have to beat the likes of Marko Punish, DSD, James Kelly, etc. It doesn’t matter who you throw at me, I’m gonna go through those doors and I’m gonna break Sunshine so bad, he’ll be going to the Insane Asylum with his demented Girlfriend and his stupid Mask. I’m done here.

*William throws his chair to the ground and walks out of the interview, the footage cutting back to the Ring.*


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