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Numbers Always Win (CMV.com Exclusive!)

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Numbers Always Win (CMV.com Exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:41 am

As the latest edition of CMV's Thursday night Genesis was going off of the air, fans around the world rejoiced as they witnessed Pierre Thompson thwart an ambush at the hands of Sean Silva during the main event where Primetime was scheduled to face Silva's RISE stablemate and CMV Light Heavyweight champion, Nikola Ivanovic. What the CMV universe didn't get to see however, was what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. The two missing links of this attention-hungry new faction in Sebastian Vachon and Murdoc would rush the ring and catch the Laker's lover off-guard, beating him down and allowing Sean the opportunity to get back to his feet and get a cheap shot in. One has to wonder if the entire thing was a set-up from the start, enticing Pierre with a shot at Ivanovic; Silva coming out on his own and making Thompson feel as though he's beaten back the assault when bam! The numbers game, as always, won this encounter . . . How will Primetime respond to being RISE's new chosen target?

As we all heard at the top of Genesis edition number sixty-seven from the head honcho himself, Dave Turner, it'll be Ryan Kent and Bison going toe to toe in four week's time at Point Break in a number one contender's match for the CMV Alpha World title! And although The Barbarian's handler in Paul Heyman wasn't exactly thrilled with the fact that his star client wasn't just given the championship match outright but instead passed over in favor of Bob Luger, in the end he had no choice but to accept as Turner refused to budge on his decision. Believe it or not, despite the fact that Bison is a season one veteran and Kent an NXT original, the two have NEVER gone one on one, it'll be a first at the pay-per-view. The Firestarter is undoubtedly just that; in a successful attempt to provoke The Beast, Ryan sprang on his soon to be opponent backstage, sizing him up and then doing the unthinkable, pushing CMV's Monster as if he weren't a towering behemoth! Suffice to say, this set Bison off, and if hadn't been for Heyman calming him down and the aid of The Misfits pushing Kent away, there may have been bits of him strewn about the arena . . .

News update!
In loo of Monday night Fusion's Vixen's division packing their bags and heading to CMV's newest show; Ferocity, general manager Johnny Sampson has announced that a new- or rather, old championship will be making its return at Point Break! Big Johnny has chosen to reinstate the CMV United States title, its first holder in over a year to be decided via an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view. Our sources tell us that the likes of Bannon and Sam Valentine have been entered into this match-up, and that the other four spots are to be awarded by qualifying matches over the next couple of weeks. However, one could recall a superstar by the name of Schmidty stealing, or as he would call it, reaping his reward for his involvement in the Tug of War match at Validation, the title from Sampson at the top of the latest Fusion show. The self-proclaimed "greatest wrestler of all time" has refused to give the belt back, telling Johnny that he's the rightful champ and that whoever wins the Hell in a Cell match at Point Break will just be a phony . . .

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