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Post by iTrouble on Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:20 pm

The scene opens up with European Champion Solomon Glock, Andre Abbot and MJ walking down the hallway. They stop due to Lisa Evans blocking their path in hopes of an interview

Lisa Evans: Excuse...um...Infamous.... I mean...uh gentlemen. May I have a work with Solomon?

Solomon Glock knods to his crew as they walk off leaving him with Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans: Ladies and Gentlemen I am here with CMV European Champion Solomon Glock. Mr. Glock, it appears that you have been on quite the streak since you have made your debut on the roster can I get your thoughts?

Glock: Thoughts? My thoughts? I thought I had already told everyone that dis was what it was gone be. You say I've been on quite the streak...you mean undefeated? I already said everyone in this roster would get to know my name and know it quick. Just like that clown Luther Thunder. He was the first one on my list. You know if its one thing I can't stand...its a man who takes life like its a joke. You gets no respect from me. Skipping to the ring in your suspenders....seriously? Dancing around the ring like some sideshow. Disrespectful. So I sent the boys after him. You know they wrecked his ass a couple times. Got his attention and finally setting me up one on one....and we all know the rest to that story. I hit him with the BAMN (By Any Means Necessary aka Bullhammer) and he was out like a light. 1-2-3. I'll take that title while I'm at it.

Glock re hoists his title onto his shoulder and gives it a couple taps

Glock: But you gotta ask yourself whats next? I feel like this is a glass ceiling for me. I mean....yeah sure havin this title is great....but its still SO MANY MORE characters on this roster. The good thing about this piece of metal right here is that it keeps them coming to get they ass knocked out real quick. Whole squad on that real shit... You know what the crazy thing is? Its still some dudes in the back that think I'm all talk but I can bet that if you put them in the ring with anyone from my squad, they gone get a mean ass reality check. You can trust that. So whoever want it can step right up and get knocked right back down.  TRUST.

Solomon Glock mugs at the camera and walks off as Lisa shrugs and the scene comes to a close.


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