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Greatness is Relative

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Greatness is Relative

Post by D.Young77 on Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:48 am

This online exclusive video shows Omega Lee walking backstage after securing his spot in the elimination chamber by defeating former world champion Aaron Waite. He walks into the locker room as is greeted by the applause of the Friends of Cole Savage, and the group’s namesake himself. Savage pats Lee on the back and congratulates him and the two begin discussing strategies and the future while Marley Kassell steps in front of the camera.

I could have been out there. I SHOULD have been out there to make sure that NOBODY pulled anything that would keep Omega Lee out of that Elimination Chamber. But the boss made it clear that there was a message that needed to be sent, and he signs the checks. I bet that message was heard LOUD and clear though. Everyone was talking about how Team Intensity let the brand down. NO! Aaron Waite and Eric Matthews let the show down because they could NOT carry their own goddamn weight. The two proclaimed kings of the brand sat there Omega was getting double teamed out the outside and did nothing to stop him from getting counted.



Omega was so pissed off that he refused to leave the arena. If his “teammates” weren’t going to watch his back then he was going to get a front row seat to watch. them. BURN.

And burn they did. Especially you, Aaron, you little bitch. Let Omega get taken out so you and try to play the hero, only for it to blow up in your face. THAT’S what happens, when you mess with us. THAT’S why Omega Lee had to put the final nail in your coffin tonight. Greatness my ass. You ain’t shit but an overhyped company man who came up against the one thing that you can’t fake: TALENT.

Now Omega Lee is going to finish off the final third of that Showdown Team by winning the chamber, then he may just cash in for the hell of it to really drive home the fact that he is unstoppable. You know what’s more dangerous than Omega Lee on an average day? An Omega Lee that has me in his corner.

Try and stop us.


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Re: Greatness is Relative

Post by Decided Villain on Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:23 am


Aaron is seen removing his wrist tape in a locker room after his loss against Omega Lee. Lisa Evans enters the room microphone in hand ready to interview the former duel champion.

Lisa Evans: After tonight's loss, Marley Kassell had a few words about you and Eric Matthews, what are your thoughts about the situation.

Aaron raises an eyebrow at her, looking upset and mad at himself Aaron answers her question

Aaron Waite: Yeah, I heard what was said. And you know what? Maybe... Maybe they're right you know? Why do I even call myself greatness when I couldn't win at Showdown, why do I call myself greatness when I can't even compete against raw talent... I use to be on top of the world until everyone decided to gang up on me one day dammit. I wasn't handed my position, I earned my position, I fought just like everyone else right?

Aaron stands up and starts to pack his bags, getting ready to leave the arena

Aaron Waite: I've been saying for awhile now that this show is falling very fast, and now it's only getting worse. If it is not one problem its another Lisa, and this show isn't going to get better with those idiots with the sting tribute paint running around doing as they please because the black Mr. Clean says so... I Lost at the Pay Per View, and I lost tonight, I don't have the Global or Television championship, But do you know what I do have Lisa?...

Lisa looks on puzzled as Aaron stares at her intently.

Aaron Waite: Greatness in my blood... Now get the fuck out.

Aaron turns back to his bags as Lisa and the camera crew leave the room.


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