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Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

Post by Maurie on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:33 pm

Parker and Mariah are seen backstage trying to find Luther, but before they can sight hm, they're questioned by Interviewer, Lisa Evans. Lisa also looks likely terrified of the idea of talking to the two psychopaths.

Umm, Hello guys so you just had your first match in a while in an UnMatched ring. How does it feel to be back?

Mariah leans in closer to Lisa with an evil grin.  Lisa takes a couple steps back before reaching the microphone out to Parker.

Lisa, this is nothing more than a warm up. I'll admit that this place has changed and is different than Fusion we're used to. When you really think aboutit, its all the same game. There are gonna be people in your way that you have to reassure that you're what they should be avoiding. I feel that everyone in the back should be horrified of The Thunder Circus. We're not a very nice group to disturb.

Not just UnMatched, but Ferocity will be even more fun to watch. You do get to see me along with other female wrestlers. I don't consider myself a wrestler at all. I am a fighter. There will be no technical moves or fun spots to look at. It's gonna be absolute desolation left in there until I become the Vixens Champion.

Mariah laughs at the thought of victimizing each and every one of the rosters' members. Lisa slowly backs up, but behind her is Luther Thunder who turns his head side ways before smiling and chuckling along. Lisa then runs off as she saw she were surronded by three complete maniacs.

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
Rashad Rockwell:1x Tag Team Champion with Kidd Campbell
Eligah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion

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Main Event Star!

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