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Brett Angel's Final Stand

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Brett Angel's Final Stand

Post by D.Young77 on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:07 am

The crowd is on their feet cheering as Brett Angel and the Bringers of Despair celebrate their victory in the middle of the ring.  One more time, after such a spectacular ending where UnMatched nearly let this battle slip through their fingertips, we’re taken to the replays of this war.

The first thing we see is Angel the replay of Angel literally screaming at the top of his lungs at Trowell to get back into the ring at the count of nine, which was immediately followed up by Omega Lee getting counted out. Then we see the ref take a brutally long time to count the pin off the God’s Last Gift leading to Matthews kicking out. Next, Angel was able to finally  put away the weakened Matthews. Waite surprised both Shaw and Angel with a pin on Trowell, then Angel, uncharacteristically frustrated, made a crucial mistake that lead to Shaw’s elimination.

But when it mattered the most Angel was able to come through for his brand and finish Waite off with God’s Last Gift.

We’re back in real time and Angel is shown watching the replays wrap up on the titantron. Behind him the Bringers are still celebrating, but that’s cut short when Angel spins around, and, before either Bringer can react, Angel floors Shaw with a vicious lariat. Angel turns and stares down the bloodied Trowell with a look of cold fury on his face. Trowell, seeing the writing on the wall, tries to catch Angel off guard with a wild right hook, but he’s in the ring with the one man you don’t want to trade punches with.

Angel ducks the punch, then in the blink of an eye staggers Trowell with a headbutt. While his foe is still dazed, Angel scoops him up and drops him with God’s Last Gift right on top of Shaw! The crowd is in a stunned silence, not used to seeing Angel behave this way. The same referee from the match gets back into the ring and foolishly tries to calm Angel down.

In response, Angel knocks him out with a lightning quick jab, then pulls the ref’s limp body of the ground. Angel grabs him and is about to hit God’s Last Gift on the poor man when Laura Sampson rushes onto the stage so quickly that she nearly trips over herself. She does even have a mic with her, but her pleas, her cries to Angel to not hurt the referee echos throughout the arena and carries down to the ring. For a brief moment it looks like she gets to him, a flicker of humanity crosses his face, before another thought quickly pushes that emotion away.

Angel screams out, his voice cracking with the passion of his words, that he’s tired of carrying and saving this brand whenever he’s called upon to do so yet losing everything in return. There’s confusion on Sampson’s face, this is one of the most decorated and celebrated men in the company. She regains her composure and warns Angel that he won’t get away with this, that he could lose his job over this.

Angel gives a weak smile and drags the referee over to the turnbuckle where he props him up on top. Angel slowly climbs up as well and the fear is in Sampson’s eyes as she realizes what’s about to happen. She starts running down the ramp as though she would be physically capable of stopping this, but Angel’s next words stop her in her tracks. “What do I have to stay for?” he asks, followed up by “Who do I--” his voice trails off, the emotions too raw, instead he hooks the referee’s arms then drives the man’s face into the mat. There’s a sickening thud when they land, and the crowd still can’t properly process what they’re witnessing.

Angel rolls out of the ring and starts making his way up the ramp. When he gets to Sampson, it  looks as though he’d leave with some parting words, but instead he’s too choked up and the pain, not anger, is there in his eyes. He looks down as though he were ashamed of what he just did and walks away without looking back.


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Re: Brett Angel's Final Stand

Post by Matthew on Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:57 am



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