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"Voice of Greatness"

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"Voice of Greatness"

Post by Matthew on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:39 pm

As the fallout episode is underway and the opening pyro fills the stage, the PA System lights up with...

And out he comes, the Global Champion, Voice Vindy! To a roar of boos considering he hasn't gotten over the crowd in his short time being with the company. His cocky smile doesn't help his case as he slowly walks down the ramp, and around the ring before making his way up the steps and through the ropes. Where then, as he stands in the center, absorbing the heat from the crowd, he raises the microphone to his lips, and begins to speak.

Voice Vindy
Let's cut right to the chase!

His confident tone echoes throughout the arena for a short time before it's drowned out by the crowds negative energy.

Voice Vindy
At showdown, we ALL saw who the BEST really was. TWO world champions going at it. Putting on one hell of a show for you ungrateful insects, and the greatest, truly prevailed.......ME!

He chuckles for a second before continuing.

Voice Vindy
I proved that I am not only better than Sunshine, but the entire backstage locker room, UnMatched or Intensity! Nobody can touch me. In just a very short time here in CMV, I have become YOUR Global Champion, not to mention the most dangerous entity in the company today. And I don't plan on just stopping. This reign, isn't one to be forgotten because I am the one holding it. Not Zack Starr. Not Aaron Waite. Me. And the sooner you all accept that, the better off we'll be. I'm the face you'll be seeing at the end of the night....every single week. I'm the one who'll carry this brand to the very tip top. I'm the reason why your nasty little butts are planted in those seats week in and week out. Because you're interested in seeing if this is just a fairy tale story or a freakin nightmare.

He smiles and pauses before continuing.

Voice Vindy
I assure you....this....is indeed a nightmare. A nightmare for anybody who thinks they can dethrone me. Whether it would of been an Elimination Chamber match or not, this belt isn't going anywhere. It's a part of me now. It's the symbol. The symbol....of the voice....

His tone gets softer as he closes his eyes, before opening them again in dramatic fashion.

Voice Vindy
Only now will you realize..........that i'm the Voice of Greatness. The same greatness that you seen on display when I SINGLE HANDILY took out the man who beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania two years in a row. The same greatness you seen when I walked out of Japan with the one prize everybody's fighting for. This is the same greatness you're gonna see for years to come.

The thought of Vindy being on top for years causes a wave of boos to form from the crowd.

Voice Vindy
Now, of course i'm going to mention this because it's on everybody's mind. What happened after the main event of Showdown. Well. I went to the nearest night club and partied all night long like a champion should!

He once again smiled, toying with the crowd.

Voice Vindy
I don't care who's in charge. You'd think I would right? Well you're wrong.......

He looks over at the title before holding it up.

Voice Vindy
This is the only thing that matters to me.

The harsh tone in his voice could be taken as an intimidating challenge to anybody who dares to challenge his new found sense of power. He lowers the belt back onto his shoulder.

Voice Vindy
So strap into your seats folks. I'm no longer gonna sit in the silence and keep this glory all to myself. It's time I use it in the form of a statement. A statement that strongly suggests that this is MY SHOW now! Not some scumbag in a suite. Not anybody in that locker room. MINE. Anybody who defies that will go through a process of Vindication. And, well, you can ask Zack Starr what that does to you.

Before he can continue say anymore, the attention of everybody in the arena is taken to the stage as...

[Open to Cop]


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Re: "Voice of Greatness"

Post by Miztacular on Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:00 pm

The crowd erupts as the sound of the current two time Television Champion Eric Matthews' theme hits the PA system to a catastrophic ovation from the crowd to Voice's dismay as he stands in the ring, signs of outrage upon his face as he's forced to watch Eric Matthews come out from the back, microphone in hand, and the Television Championship around his waist. The Television Champion begins to make his way down the ramp with a smirk upon his face as he looks towards the enraged Vindy inside the ring and as he walks up the steps, he stops, and simply chuckles under his breath before entering the ring, standing face to face, with the CMV Global Champion.

Eric Matthews:
Voice... Vindy, what a name.. What a story! Quite the rise you've had huh, you've been here what, 5 months? 6 months tops? That's impressive I guess, but I can't quite
think of one name you've been ducking Voice, a name you've never faced in singles action, a certain Hall of Famer in the making, a certain CMV veteran.

Matthews lets out a chuckle again, at the very thought of him potentially facing Vindy.

Eric Matthews:
But to say you're the best, after six short months, is quite the stretch Voice. Because if you look back, how did you get your spot in the Number One Contenders match, for finishing second place in King of the Ring to Ringo Maxx. How did you beat Zack Starr? Wasn't he injured and how did you beat Sunshine? Well, with help from someone else. My point is Vindy, say what you want, you always seem to have something up your sleeve, intentional or not. But alas, this is not why I came out here, I couldn't care less about these petty arguments..

I came out here to tell you one thing Voice, and to tell the entire Universe, JUST ONE THING. In eight weeks time, the Pay Per View after UnChained, No Remorse rolls around, and we all know what takes place at that event, the annual Career Vs Championship match where someone must put their career on the line in Exchange for a Championship Match. I've thrown my hat in before but I fell short of winning the qualifier, but this year I have something, something driving me, something pushing me down this road, hunger. Now while you claim you'd be able to pull it off and defend inside an Elimination Chamber, we all know you don't have the guts to do it, and that's fine, but see, there's the difference between you and I, because I do. I will put my Television Championship up for grabs inside an Elimination Chamber in four weeks at UnChained, and win or lose, I'm coming for you at No Remorse if you somehow are still the Champion by that point, I will win that qualifier and my career will be on the line, but unlike Boso and Byron Elliott before me, I will not fail, I will not be forced to leave this company, no, I will walk out of No Remorse, and into the new year as your CMV Global Champion. Because i've sat in line for far too long, I am what the Universe wants, what they need, a true hero to showcase on this brand. But tonight Voice, tonight.... Lets have a little wager...

Matthews lowers his microphone for a moment allowing the crowd to take in what they've just heard.

Eric Matthews:
So how about tonight, in the Main Event, me and you, one on one, lets have a little taster, and we'll have a little stipulation, seeing as you won't be anywhere near a Chamber, I'll at least let you play some part in this one. Because if you win tonight, I come out first when I defend my Championship in the Chamber, but if I win tonight well, I don't need anything, I just want to see you derailed, I want to see your joke of a reign come to a halt, and if putting my career on the line next month is the way to do it, so be it, and winning tonight would give me just the taster I need to size you up in eight weeks, should you still be Champion. So... What do you say, one on one, main event, tonight..

Eric Matthews extends his hand out to the Global Champion awaiting his response.


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