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A Shift in Power

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A Shift in Power

Post by Miztacular on Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:24 am

Following some minor celebrations by the CMV Global Champion Voice Vindy, Sunshine is left in the center of the ring, on the mat, for the first time this season looking human and D'Angelo St. Daniels, who played a big part in his defeat tonight knows this. The Gate City God pulls up the apron and goes under the ring, pulling out a steel chair. He slides into the ring and stands over the downed body of the CMV World Champion, looking over him with a smirk on his face. A few seconds roll by and DSD finishes savoring the moment, raising the chair high up into the air and unloading on Sunshine, chair shot after chair shot, bending the chair with the force of the impact onto Sunshines back. DSD looks into the crowd with a smile on his face, and opens the battered chair, setting it up around Sunshines neck, the Gate City God backs up, perhaps looking for the Knee of Destiny and as he begins to run, he's cutoff...

Following that vintage transmission, the lights come back on to see the current CMV Womens Champion, the general manager of UnMatched, Kristen Page standing in the ring, staring at DSD, who looks back confused, however he then notices, the ring, absolutely surrounded by security guards all with Sunshine masks on, Kristen smiles towards DSD and clicks her fingers causing the security to swarm the ring, jumping D'Angelo St. Daniels, pulling him from the ring, Kristen Page helps a wounded Sunshine to his feet as security drag The Gate City God to the back who looks back to Sunshine in the ring with a crazed look in his eye as he's dragged to the back, leaving Kristen Page and Sunshine in the ring. Kristen momentarily leaves the ring to retrieve a microphone and quickly slides back into the ring, microphone in hand as she looks towards the hard camera with the CMV Womens Championship over her shoulder.

Kristen Page:
Hahaaaha! Do you reaaaaallly think this means anything at all!!! You all still realise I'm in charge right?! Hahahahaaa! If you think even for a second that after that interruption by D'Angelo St. Daniels that Sunshine, SUNSHINE, will be defending inside a chamber, you've got another thing coming Hahahaa! No no no no. You all don't deserve an opportunity like that, oh no. If you want a crack at Sunshine, you'll have to go through a Number One Contenders Elimination Chamber! Hahaha!

This hot crowd here in Richmond rises up to their feet, booing the house down on Kristen, who simply lets off a shrill laugh in response as she continues on.

Kristen Page:
Oh and don't think it stops there hahaha. Oh Steeeeeel, I have some news for you tooo! I don't think, after your performance tonight, that you should get a crack at me next, so what?! Haha! You beat an injured Jade Dynamite! No no no, but i'll certainly give you the opportunity, because just like Sunshine, I want a top contender for my CMV Womens Championship, a top contender who... survived an elimination chamber! Hahahaha!! I think at UnChained, I might just take another night off, same with Sunshine ahhahahaa.  Who is there to stop me. I own this brand now and so unless I say so, nobody is getting a shot at mine, or Sunshines title hahaha! Sampson certainly made a bold statement today, trying to come for my Title, claiming I hold the Vixens Division hostage, Hahaaha! Look where that got her Hahahaa! I hope everyone in the back watched that, because if I so decide to defend in the near future, you'll have that dominating performance to look at....

I have one more thing to say to you all!!! I hope you understand the position that Sunshine and I are in, I hope you understand it will never change, and I hope you sit there, you sit there and cry your eyes out watching us become the longest reigning Champions in CMV, because without my permission, nobody will even have the chance to stop us Hahha---

Kristens last laugh is interrupted by the theme of a season one veteran, the Money Major himself, Thomas Sullivan who comes out from the back, Money Gun and all in his hands, Kristens smile turns into a stern expression as Sullivan begins to unload money around the arena launching it from his Money Gun, screaming, letting off a roar as the money is launched into the crowd to a cheer from the crowd. However after a few moments, all the fun and gamess are pushed to a side as Sullivan drops his Money Gun and looks down to the ring at Kristen Page and Sunshine with a sly smirk on his face, as he gets to the bottom of the ramp, he walks around the ring to the timekeepers area to retrieve a microphone before making his way into the ring, standing opposite Sunshine and Kristen Page, both of which have their respective belts over their shoulders.

Thomas Sullivan:
You think you have all the power don't you.. You seem to forget that their are people higher up the company ladder than you are, people with direct power over you. You know, there's been a lot of speculation as to why I returned at the top of the season why now? They asked, well I returned because of this very reason, this power struggle. Let me drop some knowledge on you here Kristen, you aren't the most powerful person in this company, and quite frankly, you aren't even the most powerful person in this ring.

Kristen looks back at Sunshine with a confused look on her face, however he only shrugs his shoulders as she turns back to face Sullivan.

Thomas Sullivan:
Still not clicking yet? Kristen, Sunshine..... I am an investor in this company, with a rather large stake at that and I came back... To sort this mess out, you see these past two months I've been here scouting things out seeing how things are being run, and don't get me wrong I absolutely love what Laura Sampson is doing with her brand but Kristen... You've let the power flow to your head, and what you've said out here tonight, is all the evidence I need to make a decision. A decision that I'm sure you're not going to like, but I'm sure everyone else in this arena is going to love. Lets just say there's going to be a little change in power...

The crowd lets off a thunderous roar of excitement as they begin to put together the pieces, but Sullivan urges them to hush as he continues on.

Thomas Sullivan:
Of course we have the new Vixens show, Ferocity making it's debut next week and it needs a General Manager, and let me make one thing clear, it's certainly not going to be you Kristen.. Like I said, I like what Laura has been doing with Intensity and so I am going to trust her to stand in as the General Manager of Ferocity and I will stand in her place on Intensity.. But what of UnMatched... I can tell you one thing right now Kristen, that from this moment onwards, you are no longer the General Manager of UnMatched..

Kristens eyes open wide with a look of horror on her face as Sunshine steps forward, looking to stand up to Sullivan, but he's stopped in his tracks.

Thomas Sullivan:
If you even so much as lay a finger on me, Kristen Page will never wrestle again...

Sunshine freezes on the spot, and simply steps backwards to a smile from Sullivan, who continues on.

Thomas Sullivan:
For the next five minutes, I'll be the standing General Manager of UnMatched, but when the fallout airs next week, you'll have a new General Manager, one that I'm not at liberty to name, but there's just some things I'd like to announce first.. Sunshine, the stipulation of this match, was that the losing brand has a Title defended inside the Elimination Chamber, well as your General Manager for the rest of this show, I can confirm that not only will it be you who defends inside the Elimination Chamber... But you will enter FIRST as well, and after that showing of intent from D'Angelo St. Daniels tonight, and Marko Punish picking up a win for the brand, I think it's only fair that these two men are officially announced as two of your opponents inside the Elimination Chamber!

Sunshine simply clutches his fist in anger, but knows he can do nothing about it, Sullivan knows this and smiles looking right into his eyes as the crowd continue to exclaim their happiness.

Thomas Sullivan:
Now as for you Kristen.. I may not be the General Manager of Ferocity, but I think Laura Sampson will agree with me... You see, UnChained will mark your fifth month as Champion, and in those five months, you've done nothing but hold this Division hostage, and so I think it's only fitting that to celebrate 5 months of your Title Reign.. You also, defend inside of a Chamber and you ALSO will come out first! Oh I'm not done, oh no, not by a longshot, Samantha Steel earned her shot here tonight, and as much as I'd like to give her a straight one on one match, that isn't enough comeuppance for you Kristen. So Steel will be in the chamber too. Think yourself lucky Kristen, for if Dynamite didn't have this back injury, she'd be in there too, but evidently it has her off her game. So... With all that said, I'll give the two of you time to process this, I'm sorry it had to be this way, I really am, but we gotta do whats right for the fans who pay their cold hard cash to watch these shows, and the two of you in charge is not doing that... I hope the two of your are prepared, because this time next month, you'll both be putting your belts up for grabs inside a Chamber, and it sure as hell seems like the fans are excited for that!

Sullivan drops the microphone and takes a bow as the crowd begin to cheer and his music hits the PA System. The crowd chanting his name, chanting "Thank you Sullivan" as he makes his way up the ramp, receiving an evil glare from Kristen Page as he stands at the top of the ramp, picking up his Money Gun again and blowing his load all over the arena, as the camera fades to black, ending this 5 hour special..

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