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One last Message to Fury

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One last Message to Fury

Post by Miztacular on Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:50 am

Intensity kicks off to the sound of the No Morality theme playing around the arena, echoing through the sound System as the crowd begin to unload with a plethora of boos at the very sight of Sophia Caldwell and Co as they make their way out from the back and in unison, raise their arm at the top of the ramp before making their way down towards the ring, as they reach the bottom Caldwell splits off around the ring the retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area while each individaul member of the stable stand on each side of the apron, looking out for any potential attacks from an outsider. Caldwell, now with a microphone makes her way up the steps with Compromise holding the ropes open for her allowing her to step in with ease. Caldwell, now in the ring, looks right into the hard camera and raises the microphone to her mouth as she begins to address the CMV Universe.

Sophia Caldwell:
I think we all know by now, despite some of the actions I've done in the past, that I'm a pretty reasonable person, just look at what I did for Fury, when she came, I warned her, I told her how to stay out of trouble, lets be honest, she's not the same urban warrior she used to be, she's wounded and I was just making it my duty to watch out for her, as a newcomer to the brand.

The crowd continue to boo, not buying this obvious lie that Caldwell is telling them, however Caldwell continues anyway.

Sophia Caldwell:
Think about it, week in week out I have been helping Fury, evening the playing fields so she'd actually have a chance due to her injury, when we all walked out at the top of the ramp after he debut, that was simply us showing a gesture that we've got her back. But... Look at what I got for it. Earlier this week I took on Akiko, and what did Fury do, she came down to the ring, and HELPED HER! After all this effort, after all this help we have given to Fury, well. Fury, I have a little message for you.

I tried to keep you out of our sites, but your actions in my match... Well, it seems as if you've wandered into the crosshair of the wrong stable. It's been real easy goings for you so far Fury, but tonight, it's about to change. I'd keep an eye out if I were you, we've ended careers Fury, and you're just one submission away from needing a wheelchair, so ending you won't be so hard at all, we may be busy with Gibson, with Dawn, with Skyler, but you see Fury, you're on your last legs, so adding a fourth to that list isn't a problem at all. You've been warned Fury, don't turn up to your match tonight, think of your loved ones. There will be no compromise, we will show No Morality. You will understand exactly why we are the ones in control of this division.

Lets see how tough you really are.

Sophia Caldwell drops the microphone in the center of the ring, and in unison, without even looking at eachother, all five members of No Morality raise their arms high into the air as their theme hits the PA system once more, and the camera fades to black.

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