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"Its just the beginning"

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"Its just the beginning"

Post by iTrouble on Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:47 pm

A sea of boos immediately fills the area as the notorious faction "Infamous" music is blasted through out the arena. The newly crowned European Champion Solomon Glock, Tyrone B. Godly, Morguan Jackson and Andre Abbot all make their way onto the stage feeding off the crowd as if to feed the stable with even more Heat. With Glock leading in the front the four men make their way down the ramp and finally into the ring one by one. They wait a minute or two for the crowd to simmer down. An impatient Andre Abbot grabs a mic from his back pocket and barks at the crowd

Abbot: Yeah....y'all can Shut the fuck up right about now...

The crowd eats up Abbots cruel words as the boos get even louder in the arena. The crew chuckles at each other as Solomon Glock is handed a mic. He holds the European Title over his shoulder with as he mean mugs to the crow.

You know....it's a lot of things in the world that we really don't care for. And when I made it here in CMV I set my sights on one of them. Luther Thunder. A clown ass failure of a man who got the nerve to want to be taken seriously. Get the fuck outta here wit that shit. I....HATE....CLOWNS. Now how Luther Thunder got the title, I could care less. But once I saw that he was a top contender this brand had to offer, I had to send my boys on him. Oh I got no shame in that. Cus where we from....its a dog eat dog world. And from the looks of this belt on my shoulder. Infamous is eatin pretty damn good. But this is just the beginnin.

Our goal is to be the most dominant force in ALL of CMV. I said it the first night I stepped foot here. Me and my crew are destined for BIG THINGS. So I want everyone out here and backstage to take a real nice long look at a taste of things to come. We got TGB who already makin a name for himself. Morguan...already established.....the Enforcer Andre Abbot.....of course yours truly....Solomon Glock


Are you done? Cuz I ain't. I see it like this...Luther Thunder...I see it like this. You got two choices. You step down and step away from your rematch clause and save yourself some pain and anguish. Or....you get hit with another Blunt Force Trauma (Bullhammer) and I put you out of commission faster than ya moms can unbutton her bra strap when Infamous come through

The stunned crowd boos at the savagery Glock is yapping but he continues

And to Sullivan. You resilient mothafucka you..... You need to learn when to stay down. Now if you need help with that...Myself and TGB will be happy to aid your..."situation" later on tonight! But until then. Some words of wisdom. You stay all the way out of Infamous' way. Or you deal with the consequences.
A) Glock drops the mic, Infamous' music hits and the four men casually make their way back up the ramp taunting to the crowd as they do so.

B) Infamous Member can chime in

C) Luther Thunder or Thomas Sullivan or both/ interrupt Glock


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Re: "Its just the beginning"

Post by Miztacular on Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:10 pm

The four men in the ring look towards the stage with a smile on his face, knowing full well Sullivan is about to make the biggest mistake of his life coming it here alone against the four of them. Just as expected Sullivan comes out from the back, his Money Gun in one hand and a mic in the other, he lets out a mighty roar as he goes full rambo spraying his load all over the arena, launching money all over the place to the applause of the crowd who are on their feet in joy.

Thomas Sullivan:

Sullivan continues to splash the cash for several minutes as the members of InFamous look on, unimpressed as sullivan finally finishes off blasting with a hefty grunt as he drops his Money Gun to the floor and raises his microphone to his mouth.

Thomas Sullivan:
Oh my goodness, WHAT IS THIS. A homeless shelter?! If I were you I'd pick up some of those there Sullivans I just sprayed around the arena and getcha selves some new clothes, because that getup, that getup right their is plain nasty. I don't think you four miscreants know who I am, think of me as Robin Hood, except I don't steal from the rich and give to the poor, I am the rich and I give to the poor. Every city I travel too is littered with Sullivans as I bring joy to the people.

Last week, you got a pin on me, which is fantastic, finally I've found some competition here. But the fact that I'm 45 years old going on 46 and it took you that long to put me down, says a lot more about you my old boy, than it does about me. But don't worry about that one bit my little man, because tonight, I'm going to cleanse the one blemish in my record when I beat you and, what was it, Tyrone B Gone? Something silly like that. That Championship over your shoulder is just so unfitting, how someone so dirty can hold that belt, I'll never know.

I hope you've come well prepared Solomon, otherwise you'll be tasting the fresh taste of a Sullivan in your mouth after I get the win, no matter the result I'll be sure to send each of you a briefcase full of Sullivans so you can clean yourselves up, you know, look a little fresher, represent the brand in a more orderly fashion and the like.

Nonetheless I'm rambling, See you tonight Solomon, and say goodbye to that ego when I make it rain all over your crew and I put you down to the mat for the three count with a done deal.

Sullivan drops the microphone on the floor and pulls out bundles of cash from his pockets to reload the money gun, which he once again launches around the arena to the ovation of the fans as the camera fades to black, setting the scene for the match later on tonight.

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