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The Challenge

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The Challenge

Post by Miztacular on Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:51 am

Kicking off Intensity the crowd rise to their feet as the General Manager of Intensity's theme hits the PA system, Laura Sampson comes out from the back with a microphone at the ready as always, however somethings different, there's a change in the vibes in the arena as Sampson makes her way down to the ring for the first time walking past the fans with their arms stretched out for the high fives as the General Manager marches towards the squared circle. Sampson climbs up the steel steps and heads through the ropes into the ring, with a slight hint of ferocity in her eyes she looks into the hard camera and begins to talk.

Laura Sampson:
I want to first apologize for acting up just now, but I felt I needed to get this out as soon as possible, don't worry I still appreciate every single one of you who turned up here tonight here in TAMPA BAY! But there's something I have to address and I'm sure if you all watched UnMatched earlier in the week you know exactly what it is.

The crowd begins chanting "fuck you Kristen" over and over to the approval of Laura Sampson as she continues on.

Laura Sampson:
That's exactly right, earlier this week, Kristen Page, the general manager of UnMatched, the current CMV Womens Champion, the person who is holding that belt HOSTAGE, had the nerve to issue me a challenge, to challenge the legacy of the Sampson family. For that alone I should accept this bout, but there's one reason why I feel I absolutely NEED to do this, not for me, not for my family, but for the Vixens Division. Look what we've seen from her, she has abused her power to refuse the number one contender her rightful Title match, she is picking the easy fights, she thinks I am an easy fight, just because I'm a general manager? Well... She's forgetting one thing, I am a Sampson and my father has been training me for over 20 years!

Sampson pauses for a moment to allow the crowd to get in their pop, to let out their voice and Sampson smiles, appreciating the ovation.

Laura Sampson:
You see at Showdown, all Kristen Page will be fighting for is herself, her aura of invincibility, me I'll be fighting for something bigger than me, I'll be fighting for this division, I will not allow it to be held hostage any longer, and as soon as I win the belt, I will relieve myself of it and put it up for grabs inside the Elimination Chamber the following month, if Kristen wants it back, she'll have to go through 5 others and take it. I hope you're watching Kristen, because I don't think you know what family you're dealing with here, with the support of the entire CMV Universe I will tear you to the ground and rip the title away from your venomous clutches, restoring the prestige it once had!

The crowd explode once again, chanting, "Thank you Laura" over and over as she begins to calm down.

Laura Sampson:
I want to thank you all for this support, and to all the Vixens in this division, OUR division, when Showdown closes, the division will no longer be held hostage by a tyrant, this truly will be a Showdown to remember.

Sampson drops the microphone as her theme hits the PA system once again, she leaves the ring and begins to make her way around the arena, highfiving every fan who wants one before making her way up the ramp, where she raises her hands to a standing ovation, the crowd showing their respect knowing what Sampson is about to embark into.

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