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Watch Your Step

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Watch Your Step

Post by Miztacular on Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:17 am

The camera cuts to a dark room, lit only by a fire on the wall as four figures stand around the sides of the room, and as the flame burns stronger it shapes itself perfectly into the No Morality logo, a shadow looms in front of the camera as Caldwell walks into frame, a smile on her face, her eyes wide with a crazy tinge in her eye as she looks into the camera, a deep gaze before opening her mouth to speak.

Sophia Caldwell:
What is this I see? I hear.. A wounded soldier, a battered and beaten warrior, coming here, for. For Mercy? For sanctuary, a place where she'll not need to be at the top of her game. Those words you speak Fury, those words, are lies. Unless, your entire career has been a lie, a true warrior looks for the toughest competition, are you not the urban warrior? The warrior that both the fans and the Superstars of CMV have seen tear the house down for over a year? That warrior, would not make up such blasphemy. You are lying to yourself, or you are lying to the world.

Now do not fear me Fury, I am not speaking to you now as an enemy, nor am I speaking to you as an ally. Think of this as an example, a message for you shall see the power that I, and the rest of No Morality hold in a short while. I shall offer you some advice Fury, some advice to ensure your survival, because I would rather you not picked apart by the vermin of this Division, but only by a true warrior such as myself, in time. For now I am occupied, but soon, perhaps.


Fury there was something you said, maybe it's to tide yourself over, something to excuse yourself when you find out that this Division is no joke. You claimed that, these belts, this division, is second rate. Now, I don't, nor do I need to get along with any of this division, but I know this division, and I urge you watch your step Fury, oh I do urge you so. This Division is a battlefield, it isn't what you're used to on Fusion, no, no, no. On here we do not relax with our two matches a week, we do not sit back knowing there are only two legitimate threats in the division. No, no, no Fury. This is a cut throat place, and as your beloved friend Cassie Maverick has found out. You slip up, you lose.

For how is it, that if this place is so easy, that a Vixen who has beaten you time and time again, was unable to hold her belt for more than a mere week. How is it, that a Vixen who beat you to the 2018 Queen of the Ring, is struggling to pick up steam. Fury, Fury, Fury. You and Cassie are arguably the best Fusion have to offer, is that not true?

I guess you may take this as some sort of warning Fury, you see while only a fair few of us can co-exist, we all, deep down, know one thing, this is the real Vixens Division, we are not limited to one show, we main event Pay Per Views and there aren't just a handful of worthy names, so take this from me Fury, one of the former "Third Rate Champions" as you put it, if you do not watch your step, this... This friendly gesture may turn into something else. You see Fury, the five of us, have ended careers in our short tenure as a group and well, you're not exactly in a position to escape, if you so step out of line.

Caldwell turns away from the camera for a second, as if to end the segment before raising a finger and turning her head back round towards the camera.

Sophia Caldwell:
I almost forgot, Fury, to show this was nothing more than a kind Gesture, I have something planned, a gift of sorts for your first match here in Intensity. Like I said, for now, I mean you no harm, I am occupied, but in the meantime, while the five of us continue our warpath, I can't have you being beaten, being destroyed, so, well. I hope you'll appreciate my little gift for you this evening Fury.

Goodluck with your match tonight Fury, I have no doubt in my mind that you will overcome the paper champion that is Diana. I am sure of it.

Caldwell looks deep into the microphone as the two tallest figures step forward from the shadowed wall, and walk past the camera out of the room, perhaps to deliver the gift. Caldwell snaps her fingers and the camera instantly cuts off.

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