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Losers Focus on Winners, Winners Focus on Winning

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Losers Focus on Winners, Winners Focus on Winning

Post by Miztacular on Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:36 am


The camera feed opens up to see a grinning Mac Thompson standing next to a beaten and battered Jade Dynamite following her Main Event win in tag team action over Samantha Steel and Sophia Gibson, sweat dripping off of her face after carrying her team to victory as she looks down on what seems to be an iPad, watching something as Mac introduces himself.

Mac Thompson:
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen it's the number one interviewer in CMV today it's me Mac Thompson and I am here with your winner from tonights Main Event, the first CMV Womens Champion, the first Vixen to Main Event a Pay Per View and the longest reigning female Champion in CMV history, you all know who this is, ladies and gentlemen it's Jade Dynamite.

The feed on the iPad Dynamite was watching cuts to black as she looks up towards Mac with a smirk on face as Mac continues.

Mac Thompson:
Firstly Jade, congratulations on your win tonight over Sophia Gibson and Dawn Bryan, and, before we get into what I just had you watch can you give me your thoughts on your partner tonight, opponent in four weeks, Samantha Steel.

Jade Dynamite:
She's just another person using me to get credibility, she's had her fun in the kiddies pool that is that Womens Intercontinental Championship scene and now wants to step up to where the real fighters play. She knew we wouldn't take her seriously and so she struck out, doing what Kristen did, what Pandora did, and attacked me to try and get her name out there. Look, Kristen did it, she got me, caught me off guard and wormed her way to the top after putting me on the shelf. Pandora tried it and look what happened to her. So if Steel wants to take that risk, she can go ahead but it won't be pretty.

Mac Thompson:
Well, speaking of Kristen, she is now three months into her title reign, a third of yours. What are the chances of her beating it, if any?

Jade Dynamite:
If she's going to keep on pampering herself and holding this division hostage by refusing to defend the belt, then yes she'll catch it. Look, she says the reason she doesn't want me at Showdown is because she knows I'll beat her, look at Contingency, I was 2-1 with 30 seconds to go and I was setting her up for another finisher, it was all over. Yeah I'm obviously not 100% but I still overcame Pandora, so evidently I'm able to fight, but no, apparently not. But despite this, I'm still fit enough to fight Steel at Showdown. It makes no sense to me. She says she wants no excuses from me, but in reality she's bringing out all the excuses as she continues on her desperate attempt to diminish the prestige  I put in that Championship.

Mac Thompson:
Well Jade I'm very glad you brought that up because that shifts very nicely into my next question, regarding the footage I had you watch earlier of both "1 Shot" Leona and Cassie Mavericks segments from this passed week, so I have to ask you what your thoughts are on them both claiming the IC Title is the better place for the real wrestlers.

Jade Dynamite cracks a smile, for the first time she almost lets out a laugh, but soon after composes herself to answer the question.

Jade Dynamite:
Now I hadn't seen these segments before you showed them to me right here Mac, so I'm still taking in this absolute comedy gold you've just shown me. It's quite funny how people like Cassie continue to bring up the Dynamite Division, when I'm not Champion, when I'm not even the most heavily advertised Vixen on the roster at the moment. Granted it is all true, it is my Division, that is my Championship that Kristen holds and I'm so glad that people still see this as MY Division. But after watching these segments, all I see are excuses, I see two Vixens who know they can't cut it up here fighting in the Main Event, so they resort to padding their records by exchanging some cheap knock off belt back and forth. The only reason I'd ever want that belt, is just so I can say I've held both of the belts, ALL of the belts. If I wanted that belt, I'd get it within a month and they all know that.

I do agree with them on one thing. The Womens Championship has become a side piece, and notice how they BOTH say it has become that way, because it wasn't always so, no for 9 months that belt was around my waist and it was the most prestigious belt in the company. Leona likes to bring up how I didn't defend in a chamber. Pfft, if I recall, the belts that were defended in that chamber were down to the fans decision infact...

Jade Dynamite reaches to her right and retrieves the iPad, she turns it on and begins scrolling through the CMV history books on the CMV Network until she gets to this years takeover card, she lets off a chuckle and holds the iPad up to the camera.

Jade Dynamite:
I guess the fans didn't want to see me obliterate another 5 Vixens just like I did at Nightmare Before Twistmas just two months prior, when I defeated 5 Vixens, one by one in a Gauntlet match in which I started out number one.You see in an elimination Chamber you get help, other Vixens do the damage and you can sit in a pod for half the match. Not in a Gauntlet, especially one where you start out first. Like I did. What makes it funnier as that one of these two Vixens that claims I've been hand held all this way was one of those bitter 5 Vixens I destroyed that night. Funny how things work out huh. You can claim the brass were always supporting me, but I recall getting into scuffles with Kane time and time again, and you're right, I didn't defend on the house show, but I did defend that same week. If you recall it was Sampsons first week in charge and he made every Champion defend, the only difference is, you weren't good enough for the main show. He put me against various obstacles including the Gauntlet, including a stipulation where if I lost to Caldwell in the Co-Main Event against Caldwell, I'd have to defend my title each week for the next month, but guess what. I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES.....

Look, these two can continue to talk about how the IC Belt is the place for Womens Wrestling, how if you make one mistake you lose, yada yada yada, but we all know the Womens Belt WAS the same when I held it, except I didn't make mistakes. At the end of the day, I've beaten Leona twice, and Cassie has been ducking me since the beginning of time, and only now with these bandages around my waist is she confident enough to say anything.

Mac Thompson:
Well, that's quite some talk there from you Jade, are you not worried that, with Kristen and Steel out for you, that making more enemies isn't the best thing you could do while you're in this condition.

Jade Dynamite:
Look Mac I'm not worried at all, I'm sure everyone on this roster hates me, it's all jealousy, like I said, I hadn't seen these segments before today and I'm sure there's plenty more out there, but this is why I'm the best Vixen in this company, I focus on winning, and that's the truth Mac, always remember that. Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning.

Mac Thompson:
Well thank you for your time Jade, and good luck with your match with Steel at the upcoming Showdown Pay Per View, live only, on the CMV Network.

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