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The Arrival (CMV.com exclusive!)

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The Arrival (CMV.com exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:39 pm

This past Monday night on edition number sixty-three of Fusion, the CMV universe bared witness to the arrival of the flagship show's most recent acquisition and the brother of Thursday night Genesis' very own Firestarter, Sean Kent, who got a feel for the what it would be like on his journey through this company that his older sibling has already left his ever-lasting mark on. Kent didn't seem all-that impressed with those that he crossed paths with in the back, showcasing the same aura of cockiness and an inflated ego that we've come to expect in his kinsman. Sean is set to make his in-ring debut this week LIVE on episode sixty-four of the green brand, will he prove to be as proficient as his relative in the squared-circle and move forward in the hopes of having as successful a career as Ryan; or will he flop and perhaps spend a bit more time training before giving it another crack of the bat?

After what had to be considered match of that night on episode sixty-three of Thursday night Genesis, if not match of the week, with both men feeling the affects of what they just put each other through, it seemed as if Andrew Briggs was going to commend the CMV International champion, Randy Borton, on his hard-fought victory, but instead it was but a trap, which The Milk Man fell for. Extending his hand for a shake and a sign of tremendous sportsmanship, Briggs PUNTED the 2018 King of the Ring right where the sun don't shine, crippling The Moo Moo Man as Andrew made off with a satisfied grin slapped across his beat-red face. What will be the champions reaction to this surprise low-blow? Hopefully we'll find out after he takes a nice, long, COLD, shower . . .


Following Furious Frank's mauling of the former CMV Alpha World champion this past Thursday night on Genesis, it has been revealed that old Timmy boy will be out of action for the foreseeable future, his concussion returning and for the worse . . . What does this mean for the Alpha Male's next championship defense . . .? We hope to be updated on that situation soon and wish LaFave a speedy recovery.

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