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Time is up.

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Time is up.

Post by Miztacular on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:25 am

The fallout of Thunder in Tokyo kicks off to the sound of Jade Dynamites theme hitting the PA system as the crowd erupt to their feet for their new Number One Contender for the CMV Womens Championship. Jade Dynamite comes out from the back, still bandaged around the waist with a smile on her face however a slight tint of dissatisfaction in her eyes as she makes her way down to the ring receiving this heroes welcome from the crowd. Dynamite makes her way up the steps, looking out into the crowd as she reaches the top, and for the first time, showing slight appreciation for her fans as the corner of her mouth curves into a smile of joy. She then looks back into the ring and steps in through the middle of the ropes, as always the microphone is in her hands at the ready as she looks into the camera and begins to talk.

Jade Dynamite:
Well well well... Once again I prove that I am truly the Lion in this jungle as much as Kristen would deny it. Everyone who has stepped in my way back to the Championship I was never truly beaten for. The Championship I never got my rematch clause for and even when I did, even when I had it won. It was stolen from me in the last 30 seconds by someone looking to make an impact. Deja vu for me, except this time I got my hands on them the next month and well. Pandora is no more. Although, it looked, and to be honest it felt like it was out of my reach. It felt as if I had successfully been disarmed when Samantha Steel, a person who's known in the back to be a quiet, respectful person came into my lockeroom. I didn't think anything of it, she wanted advice on her upcoming a promo and when she got up to leave I turned back to my dresser to prepare and I felt a crack as I was punched directly on the lower part of my spine. Would have never seen it coming, so fair play Steel. You got your cheap shot, and lemme guess. It was to make a name for yourself again huh? How does this make you feel Kristen, that still, even to this day, when you're the Champion, people still try to jump me, to make a name for themselves, rather than you.

Dynamite lowers the microphone for a brief moment as the chants from the crowd begin to overwhelm her voice as the crowd chant "fuck you steel" over and over as Dynamite lets off a smirk.

Jade Dynamite:
Damn right. I'll give her that, she has some devastating power for someone of her size, that was a serious injury to my back, I had to be taken to the nearest hospital after my match with Pandora. Several dislodged spinal discs and a cracked vertebra. I'll be having these bandages on me for some time I'm afraid but you think that's going to stop me? Of course not, I still fought and quite frankly DECIMATED Pandora with this injury, and in four weeks Kristen, I'll do the exact same thing to you and win back my CMV Womens Championship, you know it's coming, sure there was a little detour, but the homing missile is this close to connecting with the target. There's no escaping me this time Kristen, not anymore. Your time is up. Me and you, Kristen, four weeks, Thunde---

As Samantha Steels theme hits the PA System the crowd unload upon her a series of Boo's to her approval as she lets off a laugh.

Samantha Steel:
Keep on booing me, come on, keep it up, it's fine.

Steel continues her walk down the ring with a cocky smile upon her face waving off the boo's while Dynamite stares into Steel's eyes, full of fury. Steel climbs up the steps and enters the ring, walking past Dynamite to the other side of the ring where she climbs the ropes and taunts the crowd to Dynamites disgust.

Steel then turns, while still on the ropes looking at the injured Dynamite as she sighs, shaking her head in pity before jumping down from the top rope and standing across the ring from the seasoned veteran.

Samantha Steel:
You really think that's what this is about Jade? You think this is about me making a name for myself by attacking you? Please. I attacked you because I had to, it was what needed to be done for the betterment of this division. To be quite honest it had to be done Jade. You don't deserve another shot at that Title. You're a loser, you failed to win back your belt at Contingency and, why are you any more deserving of a shot than me, when I have beaten you, but you haven't beaten me?

Don't get me wrong Jade there was a time when you were feared, where you were untouchable, you brought this division onto the map and I don't doubt that, but this is no longer your division, this is no longer your jungle, and that belt is no longer your belt. If all it took was me coming out and telling the truth, speaking my mind, then I would have done it ages ago, because for months I've sat and waited, dominating the midcard scene as you weep and cry over how you had your title stolen. Enough was enough, I had to take action, I thought a sneak attack was enough, but apparently nobody but me on this roster can actually beat you, so I'll give you that Jade. But let me tell you something, there's absolutely NO god damn way you're getting your hands on that belt until I do, I beat you, I jumped ahead of the line and there can be no doubt that I am the number one contender Jade, no doubt. I mean if you want to try and prove me wrong sure thing, I'm happy to let someone else step in line before me if it means I get the chance to shut you up Jade, a chance to shut you up once and for all, a chance to prove that people don't need to cheat to beat you, because I know I can do it by myself. What do you say Dynamite?

Dynamite looks back at Steel with an insulted look on her face.

Jade Dynamite:
Excuse me? Steel, you don't deserve to be in the same ring with me, let alone a match with me on Pay Per View, the ONLY reason you won last time is because Kristen was in the corner, distracting me, distracting the ref and handing you a victory on a silver platter. You, Kristen, Pandora, and every Vixen on this roster are simply my subjects, in MY kingdom. You'd better learn to stay in line kid, because Kristen won't have your back next time.

Samantha Steel:
So it shall be.

Steel drops her microphone, staring Dynamite dead in the eyes as she cracks her knuckles and approaches, fists clenched in her orthodox stance, her boxing background leaves Dynamite with no chance if this turns into a slugfest, Steel quickly approaches and Dynamite drops her microphone, using her enormous reach advantage to lean in with a spinning sole kick to the body of Steel who catches the leg. Dynamite pushes off and spins around with a spinning back fist, however Steel trudges on absorbing the shot right on her chin. Dynamite reaches out and engages into a collar and elbow tie up with Steel, slamming her into the ground, Dynamite then turns and runs, bouncing off of the rope looking to set up a viscous curb stomp, however Steel catches her off guard with her speed as she rolls out of the way, getting up behind Dynamite and cracking her in the lower back with an elbow, causing Dynamite to fall to one knee. She gets back to her feet, turning around to face Steel who simply smiles, and the two march forward, exchanging lefts and rights getting all beaten up until an absolute missile of a left hook connects from Steel, wobbling Dynamite on the feet, she stumbles backwards and Steel chases looking to embarrass Dynamite out here however Dynamite, essentially through muscle memory uses her long limbs to sink in a tight choke on Steel who after mere seconds is purple in the face. However she composes herself and reaches her arm around the back of Jade, thumping her damaged back with a closed fist causing the break. Dynamite falls to one knee with a hand on her back, trying to nurse the pain, while Steel backs up in attempt to regain her breath and as the two stand tall again, they're shortly interrupted.

open to aaron

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Re: Time is up.

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:28 pm

Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere as per usual, Kristen Page appears in the ring, a smile strapped across her face with the CMV Womens Championship over her shoulder as she looks back and forth between the two challengers before speaking into the microphone.

Kristen Page: Look at you two bickering back and forth ahaha I love it! But you know what I love more, seeing you struggle Jade, seeing you endure pain on your quest to get back to the top hahaahhaa. Now THAT is something to die for. But the thing is Jade, you may have won at Thunder in Tokyo, buuuuuut, the thing is hahaha, I don't want to kill you Jade, I don't want to end your career. Hahaha, noooo that would be too merciful, and while your back is in such a condition. I'm not at liberty to give you the Title match you yearn for hahahaa.

Samantha Steel lets off a smirk which catches Dynamites eye as she looks back and forth between Kristen and Steel, wincing in pain with a look of anger on her face.

Kristen Page: Whaaaaat Jade? Did you really think because you won a match you are GUARANTEED a Title match with me? I know it was the stipulation and all but come on Jade. I'm the General Manager, what I say goes... It's about time you and everyone else in this god damn arena understood that. But don't you worry your little head Jade, because just as always I have something for you to do in the meantime hahahaa, y'know. I just don't want any excuses when I beat you hahaa, so you have to be 100% so when you are, I'll be happy to give you the shot you've earned, Jade, you have my word hahaha... But for now... I think all three of us in the ring know the matchup. Jade you say you can compete, I don't think so but whatever hahaha, maybe you'll eat your words. Because you say Steel here doesn't deserve to be in the ring with you. Well, Steel haaaaas beaten you, she makes so many good points. So here's what I'm thinking, Steel, you want a chance to prove yourself right? Dynamite you don't think you can be stopped right? Well... The two of you.... Will go one, on one, at Showdown HAhahaha! Yes Jade, it's exactly what you're thinking, I am trying to hurt you...

The crowd begins to boo once again, under the impression that Kristen once again won't be defending at Showdown however Kristen cuts them off as she continues..

Kristen Page: Now now, calm down, I will indeed be defending hahaha, don't you worry your calm little heads. If I am not mistaken, Showdown is a brand Vs brand Pay Per View right? Well how about this, at Showdown, I offer up a challenge to young Laura Sampson, she has the blood of a fighter in her veins, how about little Miss Sampson, challenge me for this belt? Career suicide for her I know but it's worth a shot! Hahahaaa

Kristen Page lowers her microphone to a mixed reaction from the crowd as Steel and Dynamite stare at each other intently.

Kristen Page: You two just can't keep your eyes off each other! Hahahaaa, a match made in heaven I think Hahahaa, well, Dynamite, it's time to nut up or shut up, quite frankly I'd like you to shut up hahaha, and Steel you've been quiet your entire career anyway, lets keep it that way hahahaha. Have fun you two..

Kristen Page drops the microphone and as quickly as she appeared she disappears into thin air leaving Dynamite and Steel staring each other down as the segment fades to black.


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