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Leaving a Mark (CMV.com exclusive!)

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Leaving a Mark (CMV.com exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:12 am

Despite being severely disadvantaged in their match against RISE's Sebastian Vachon and Mudoc at CyberSlam, the CMV World Tag Team champions, Bison and Duo Maxwell, were still able to get some payback and pick-up a victory over the begrudged group. But The Barbarian's heavily taped shoulder was made a clear target throughout the match, for obvious reasons, and after the bell rang, RISE would see an opportunity and pounce on it. As The God of Death was making sure his partner was okay, Vachon and Murdoc would grab a set of steel chairs and begin teeing off on their foes, Bison taking the worst of it as Murdoc got off FIVE hits straight to his arm. The only reason that the onslaught was brought to a halt was a parade of referees and backstage officials rushing down the ramp, prompting RISE to make their escape through the crowd. There's been no word as of yet on the condition of Duo Maxwell, but Bison is said to be in talks of POSSIBLY needing surgery . . .

At the sounding of the bell following their bout, Ally Cage getting her arm raised up high by the referee, Morgan Black, clearly distraught at her loss, would low blow her opponent before escaping the ring only to bring back a steel chair. Despite the ref's pleas, almost taking a shot himself, Black swung the weapon down and a harsh SMACK echoed throughout the arena. But she wasn't done, setting up Ally for another hit- but who would come to Cage's rescue? The first ever CMV Vixens champion, Amber Briggs, who ducked a swing from Morgan before getting off a couple of wicked hooks, sending Black out of the ring and scurrying in retreat. Briggs would help Ally to her feet as Morgan stood atop the ramp with a sinister grin locked on her face . . .

-Nikola Ivanovic is crowned the new CMV Light Heavyweight champion!
-Ally Cage def. Morgan Black
-Chris Andrews def. Parker
-The Grayhounds def. Jon Reed & Bill Maverick
-Andrew Briggs def. Jeremy Blake
-Furious Frank def. Bob Luger
-Xander Slate def. Pierre Thompson 2-1

Main card
-EoP def. RISE
-Furious Frank def. Tim LaFave and is crowned the NEW CMV Alpha World champion!
-Rhys Matthews def. Nick Blake
-The Witch Doctor def. Bannon
-BSR def. The New Gods
-Megan Cooper is crowned the NEW CMV Vixens champion by pinning Fury in the fatal-4-way!
-Cobalt Ketchup def. Dimitri Nurmogomedov
-Randy Borton def. Kenji Murakami
-JustIN Sane def. Chris Andrews

Fusion general manager, Johnny Sampson, challenged Genesis general manager, Dave Turner, to CMV's very first ever seven on seven Tug of War match at Validation in four weeks time. With the added bonus that if his team wins, he gets back control of Thursday nights and the CMV Hall of Famer will be fired, to which Turner gladly accepted! Who will be on each team in this legendary battle of the brands?

The second annual CMV Tag Team Cup is just two weeks away! LIVE from Tokyo, Japan, which team will bring home a sweet, sweet bonus check, a big, shiny trophy to display at home and most importantly; a shot at their respective brands Tag Team titles? Plus, Megan Cooper defends her newly won CMV Vixens championship against former champion and Rising Sun native, Jade Divine!

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


1x Mr. Money in The Bank, 2x World Heavyweight Champion, 1x United States champion, Glammy award for Feud of the Year, Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
Xander Slate
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