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The Express Arrives in Tokyo

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The Express Arrives in Tokyo

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:10 pm

The New Orient Express had arrived in Tokyo early so they'd see the sights and could meet with friends and family. Mister Showtime had none in Japan but enjoyed the country's rich cultural heritage. In fact, he had great respect for the Japanese even after World War 2. Showtime had no hatred in his heart and wouldn't hold anyone responsible for the crimes of their ancestors.

Days passed and soon did the rest of CMV talents and staff arrived to set up for Thunder in Tokyo. The New Orient Express was relaxed and very focused. Backstage in the locker room, Showtime was stretching and couldn't help but express his excitement and spoke english with a deep chinese accent.

"Man! I can't believe we came so far so soon! The Gladiators? Tag Team Titles!? We're doing good buddy! I'll give my best 99% percent effort! But I gotta save at least 1% for me!" Showtime then used sign language to communicate what he said to his partner and mentor as he was deaf but could read lips fairly well.

Takeshi was just as hyped that he and his friend that they would be making their PPV debut in his home city, the last time he wrestled in Tokyo was during his time in NJPW before he retired very early due to him going deaf. Thankfully Mr Showtime had convinced him to return to wrestling despite his handicap and Takeshi was grateful for it.

On the way to the locker room Takeshi was given a warm reception by the fans that remembered him from NJPW, he took the time to pose for photos and sign autographs before he caught back up with Mr Showtime. He signed back to his partner. “Should be a very entertaining match for the fans, Titles are nice, just remember treat this like any other match and don’t get to distracted by the bright lights”

"Easy for you to say! This is my first title match! But you're right! I need to be calm and focused. The New Orient Express isn't in the Main Event but we're gonna make this a main event caliber match! With the Showstopper at your side how can we fail?"

Mister Showtime was confidant is his abilities to win this championship match against The Gladiators. He was certainly more than capable of doing so. His superkick that he dubbed "The Showstopper" had proven to be a match ender. The current tag champions would be foolhardy to take Showtime or his partner Takeshi lightly as such an attitude could prove to be costly. However, Showtime was cocky and at times very arrogant. He lacked discipline and patience. That was his greatest weakness.

"After we win those titles in your hometown tonight, we'll be envy of the entire tag team division! We'll be two monkeys at the top of the tree, being all smiles! Those below us will be see two assholes! Ha Ha!"

Takeshi shook his head and chuckled at Showtimes cockiness, he was right to be confident after all Showtime was the one getting the pins in their previous tag matches. Some people would say that his partner was doing all the work, but Takeshi was letting Showtime get experience. ‘Learn by doing’ was his motto and he believed that Showtime still had alot to learn.

“Hey now don’t take the champs lightly they have already proven themselves to be skilled opponents, we’re the ones that are going in having to prove ourselves”
Takeshi headed over to the table taking a seat and helping himself to some tea, taking a few sips of it before continuing.“We have time to kill before it’s our turn in the ring, use this time wisely to prepare. There will be plenty of room for improvement regardless of the match out come.”

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