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Cowboys v Wanderers

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Cowboys v Wanderers

Post by 316topher on Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:51 pm

After their match on Unmatched, The Wanderers go backstage, somewhat disappointed after putting on a great performance but coming up short.

Don : Dammit we were so close but I’m sorry Gavin, I was trying to get the blood out of my eyes, and some jackass in the front row threw a cold beer or something at the back of my head that I didn’t even see the pinfall on you. I take full responsibility. Would be nice if I could go 2 minutes without getting busted wide open but The Bish is used to it.

Gavin : Its not your fault, those cowboys took advantage of ganging up on us whenever they tagged each other in. I tried to use my head more, it worked for a while but i started to get a little dazed from it after so many head butts.

Don : Well it’s officially 1-1, so before they get too cocky, this aint over, in fact it’s just getting started, next week on Unmatched I issue a challenge to anyone of you Cowboys from Hell to a 1 on 1 match up.

Gavin : And you boys best think it over carefully, as whichever one of you don’t fight my friend I want to take on next week’s Intensity. See how well you boys fight without you buddy backing you up.

Thanks Fury for Gavin's part in the promo


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Re: Cowboys v Wanderers

Post by tazzy4u2 on Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:29 pm

Its some time later during the show and we cut to a saloon.
Not just any saloon but the saloon we've seen before.
The usual rowdy crowd are drinking and at the bar stand Frank and Jesse James drinking whiskey.

Frank: Well Ill be plum tooting Jesse if them there boys didn't know how to brawl when it came down to it.

Jesse: Hell yeah Frank. They beat on us like a dog on heat humping my leg.

Frank and Jesse both let out huge laughs.

Frank: Damn straight shooting there. But no point giving a beating if you cant take it.  One Vulgar Display of Power and that big ox was down like a 10 day dead skunk!

The bartender pours more whiskey, leans on the bar and looks at Jesse and Frank

You boys gone heard them there fellas done gone call you out in singles matches. Say you cant beat them without each other for back up.

Jesse sips his drink  : Hmmm well in Franks case that may well be true.

Frank stands up : Hell I knock that guys front teeth out then whoop your ass afterwards as well!

Jesse: Well thats settled then, you take on that there big fella and ill take on the guy with the broken head, then ill whoop your ass.

Frank : How about I just whoop your ass now boy!

And with that a traditional saloon fight breaks out.
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