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CAW BIO: Samuel Boone

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CAW BIO: Samuel Boone

Post by Master Ogon on Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:54 am

Name: Samuel Boone
Height: 6"0
Weight: 230
Age: 23


Fighting Style: Striker (Kicks) High Flyer (Some)

Heel/Face: Face

Gimmick: A former kick boxer , Samuel Boone is a energetic chill and postive man. But he views pro wrestling as a joke, a side job he has, he only came here for a job and some fun. He is willing to cheat and play dirty to maybe have a little more money or get back at someone, but as long as he has a job, getting paid, and having fun hes fine. The only purpose he is even going after championships is more money and to just get a kick outta it. If hes offered enough money and fun, even if its not with the fans he is willing to go along with it, as long as he enjoys it and getting paid. He will exploit injuries and exploit weaknesses of other people in a match, jump people and betray people just for the kick of it or to get paid also. He taunts a lot, even if hes in pain or in a middle of a match.

Backstory: Growing up as a poor child in a crime filled city, Samuel did not have much to do, he would wake up as every other kid, go to school, come back home repeat, but then came one day in fourth grade where he forgot to study because he stayed up listening to music, so he cheated the quiz by looking off someone next to him, the chance of getting caught and trying to not be found was kinda fun to him, he took this up as a new habit, cheating to get better grades, he never got caught even once. Being a pass student without really trying now, he went out into his crime filled town to play around with some kids in the school, they would get into play fighters and just have fun. This gone for a while into Samuel was 14, where more of his friends were moving on to get more serious about school or getting girlfriends, so he looked around for a bit to find a new hobby, he saw some people walking into a building wearing white robes and strange color belts, figuring he could just sneak in to see what the heck is going on he walked through the front door. As he walked in he saw people fighting, it looked kinda fun. The day after he asked his father if he could go out and join, them barley being able to support themselves as it is they would allow him to if he walked there, and he found a job he can do that would not mess up his school work and studying, figuring he had nothing else to do he agreed. Since he already did not have to study, all he had to do was homework and a day job, he picked up walking dogs. Joining the kick boxxing  school in a instant he was failing, it was not because he was bad, infact he had a ton of talent, the issue was he just could not take it serious. Years passed as he became the best of his class, but still never took it seriously. Having reached a black belt and starting to get bored, he quit the school and just focused on finding another hobby. At this time he was 17, has never got taught cheating, passed college, had years of kick boxxing , he figured there was only last thing to do, get a apartment. Meeting up with one of his olds friends he figured if they both get a job, they could both get a place with each other, his friend agreed. He picked up a job at the gym, mostly just checking if all the stuff is working, getting people drinks, giving suggestions, convincing people to get memberships, that kinda thing. He spent only a year here, he was getting pretty bored treating sweaty men all day. He went to his apartment, and he switched around a little bit, not sure what to watch into he came to a channel with pro wrestling on it, thinking that he can hit people, get paid, and have fun, he decided he would try it out. He spent some of the extra cash on a permit to wrestling school, he trained here for 2 years before getting called up, and that is where we are now.


Signature one: Shining Wizard
Signature Two: Springboard Slingslot Leg Drop

Finishers: Boone-Bomb (Tiger Bomb 3)
Supa-Kick (Superkick Cool

Championship History: None
Allies: None
TT Partners: None
Rivals: None
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