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True Grit.

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True Grit.

Post by Gumblesaur on Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:33 pm

Marcus Akane is seen walking backstage following his debut victory over Zack Zynda, Lisa Evans stops him and asks for a quick interview.

Lisa Evans - Marcus, congratulations on your debut victory here at CMV, what do you attribute your success to?

Marcus - Thanks Lisa, what do i attribute my success to? Well it's right here on the back of my hoodie, True Grit. You know, i didn't stop when Zynda beat the hell out of me, i didn't stop when it looked like he just wouldn't go down, I don't stop; Period. I fought to get here, you see some use their words to worm their way into matches, others skulk around looking to get their foot in the door, Me? i put my foot through the door, enter and take what is rightfully mine. I've been out in the real world, fought in any situation you can think of, sometimes for a hot meal, other times for a bed to sleep in. Yeah sometimes i lost, sometimes i was so battered and bruised i couldn't sleep, but that didn't stop me. I kept fighting, kept clawing and scratching until i made it to the door and now im here, im not going to ring on the doorbell and ask politely to come in. I see other superstars talking about me and i know some of you won't take me seriously at first but i beg of you don't underestimate me because one day, we will be facing each other, one on one and you will be looking up with your back on the mat, the ref shouting '3' as your ears ring and you will think back to this moment and realise you made the wrong decision. You may have been fighting since you've got here, but me? I've been fighting my whole damn life.

Marcus walks away with a determined look on his face leaving Lisa standing there in a stunned silence.
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