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Re-igniting an old Rivalry

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Re-igniting an old Rivalry

Post by Miztacular on Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:14 pm

Following her win over Aura and Aerora, Casey Wilsons theme hits the PA system, she makes her way over to the right hand side of the ring where she climbs the ropes and raises her arms into the air to a cheer from the crowd, a few moments later she hops down and leans over the ropes in the direction of the announce table gesturing for one of the ring crew to bring her a microphone, and when she recieves one she makes her way to the center of the ring, Aura still yet to move after being hit by the Rude Awakening, Wilson looks into the hard camera and begins to talk.

Casey Wilson:
That's just one step, this match, was just the first of many. For those who don't know me, I am all about legitimizing womens wrestling, I brought Fusion to the level it is today, I heightened the competition, and while I didn't capture the Vixens Championship, that was never my goal, but I did walk out with something, I became the 2018 CMV Queen of the ring. You see, the Vixens belt was already legitimized, I didn't need to repair it, it was never broken, it was just the division as a whole, all the whining and complaining and petty insults taking away from the actual wrestling going on, and that is why I am here right now. Do not get me wrong, this division, for the most part is already highly competitive, but you may argue that it is TOO competitive, look at that Womens Intercontinental Championship, countless one month reigns. It is cursed people say, and indeed it may be. But I can assure you all now, that I will be the one the break that curse, I will move on forward and bring that belt to the forefront of the Vixens Division, and this win right here, gets me one step closer to doing that, and I couldn't be happier about who I put down to make this statement..

Casey Wilson points towards Aura, who's beginning show signs of life as she recovers from the Rude Awakening.

Casey Wilson:
I have history with Aura here, when I made my debut, I tried to bring reason to the Vixens Division on Fusion and Genesis, I tried to tell Aura that as one of the few representatives for Japan she should go about presenting herself in a better, more respectable light, however she ignored my gesture, my good will, and tried to tell me that because I was new to CMV, I had no place to make such statements. I had no ill intentions, but nonetheless she took it personally and I had to step in and silence her. You see I am as respectful as they come outside of this ring, but when we're in a match together, it doesn't matter who you are, when it all comes down it it's about the three count, it's about getting the win by any means necessary. I didn't walk out here tonight with the intention of embarrassing Aura, but when I noticed how she kept running away from the action, trying to sit idly by while myself and Aerora went to war I had to go after her, it wasn't anything personal, it wasn't because we have history, but it certainly made it feel so much better when I once again put down Aura for the three count to get the win as we move ever closer to Thunder in Tokyo. Just to prove it to you, Aura, that this was nothing personal....

Casey Wilson makes her way over to Aura who is struggling to her feet, Wilson reaches out a hand and offers for a handshake, surprisingly, Aura shakes the hand of Wilson, but maintains a firm grip as she pulls the Canadian in close while staring into her eyes with an expression of serious intent, and before the naive Wilson realizes what is happening, Aura drops to her knees and low blows the 2018 Queen of the Ring winner, sending Wilson down to the mat as Aura lets off a smug smile amongst the boo's from the crowd. Aura picks up the microphone from aside the body of Casey Wilson and begins to talk.

Casey Casey Casey .... you see there's one word going through my mind ever since you cost me the Queen of the ring tournament that word is revenge you cost me the shot at the title and i've NEVER forgot about it all i want? my fair shot at you so Wilson i'm going to make this short and sweet because honestly you are not worth my time i want a rematch you and me one on one no triple threats no four way just a simple match for me to take you out and i want it ... in my home country of Japan AT THUNDER IN TOKYO.

Aura drops the microphone and stares over the downed body of Casey Wilson, clutching the nether-regions as Aura lets off a cocky smirk, clearly proud of her work and as she taunts the crowd the camera begins to fade to black, ending the segment.

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