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Here comes the Boom

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Here comes the Boom

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:42 pm

Midway through the second episode of UnMatched into the new season we hear the theme of the biggest draw in Vixens history, one half of the first ever Vixens PPV Main Event and the former CMV Womens Champion, Jade Dynamite, who comes out from the back, eyes lit with fire as she storms down the ring with a steady pace, a microphone at the ready in her hand. She leaps onto the apron and steps through the ropes into the ring instantly turning towards the hard camera where she raises the microphone to her mouth ready to address the CMV Universe.

Jade Dynamite:
Cut that music and LET ME TALK!

With that, all sound from the PA System cuts off, and the crowd goes silent, waiting eagerly to hear what the longest reigning female Champion in CMV History has to say,

Jade Dynamite:
Lets all of us take a look back at Contingency, do you all remember what I said? Do you recall me saying that whoever walked into Contingency with the belt, would lose to me. What happened! Kristen DID lose to me, for 29 minutes and 30 seconds I dominated this so called unbeatable Vixen, the one who claims she's taken MY spot at the top of MY kingdom, the Dynamite Division still holds true. The only point Kristen Page got in that match was a lucky roll up, but for the other 29 minutes it was all me, and there's no denying that. I was 30 seconds away from becoming a two time CMV Womens Champion, and collecting what was rightfully mine, the thing I never lost. The belt that, time and time again I have been robbed of because everybody knows exactly who is in charge of this Division and there's simply no question.

Before she can continue the crowd begin chanting over her "Dy-na-mite, Dy-na-mite" over and over, she lets off a slight smirk through all of her anger but shortly cuts it off by signaling for the crowd to simmer down so she can finish.

Jade Dynamite:
But as I was saying, with 30 seconds left, the lights went out, and in what must have been some pre-planned shenanigans, Kristen vanishes into thin air.and some sort of walking fungus comes at me after thirty minutes, after I unleash all my energy into that absolute demolition job of a match with our "General Manager" she takes advantage, she does exactly what Kristen did, she attacks the biggest fish in the sea to make a name for herself. Well Pandora, it's already been done, Kristen tried attacking the biggest fish in the pond, the lion in MY jungle, and what did it get her a thirty minute beat down, an embarrassment of a performance and she calls herself the Champion, but the truth is, the moment I was screwed out of my Championship it has hit an all time low and Kristen isn't doing it any favors. So right here, right now. I DEMAND I get what I deserve, Kristen, prove to the world that you can beat me without help, that you can do it clean. Without the help of a dried up sultana.

The crowd once again cuts her off with "You got screwed chants" however Dynamite presses on after this brief stoppage, barely acknowledging the chants.

Jade Dynamite:
Now I know what you're all thinking, ah you're losing it, you lost your first match of the season, well so what. We all know Kristen Page has slithered her way to the top of this Division, she's doing everything she can to keep me away, why you ask? Because she's running scared, she understands that she has to monitor my matches, she has to make sure she does what it takes to hand out petty losses because I've already cleared this Division. Run all you want Kristen, but eventually the homing missile you've managed to elude will catch you and you will regret every waking second you've been an obstacle in the way of MY Title. Finally, back to this... Pandora. I'd recommend you stay out of my way, you've had your highlight moment, your career defining moment, the biggest accolade you'll ever reach, the peak of your career when you attacked me to close out Contingency. But the fun is over, it's one thing being cheap, attacking me and beating me down after a thirty minute match, it's another thing to stand face to face in this ring with me because I assure you this, if you do, you will not stand tall... Try it right now... PROVE ME WRONG.

Dynamite leans up against the ropes with a stern expression on her face looking up at the stage, and then around the arena, waiting for Pandoras arrival, however it seems as if it may not come. A few moments pass by and she becomes bored of waiting, however just as she raises the microphone to her mouth. All of a sudden the lights go out, just like they did at Contingency, Jade prepares herself but this time, We see Top’s Newsome on the titontron…. He smiles and the camera pans left where Pandora is, with her back to the camera…. She tilts her head and twitches a little, then turns to look at Top’s.

Tops Newsome:
Pandora my Puppet, it is time, Lets show them how intense you are, they are no match for us…

But Pandora starts moving her arm up, her hand goes to her face and then her index finger touches her mouth. Still not speaking, she starts rocking back and forth and starts to laugh. Then starts pointing at herself.

Tops Newsome:
Ah Gremlin, you want this I see, You are ready, Go my Puppet.

The tron goes off and the arena is still dark, Pandora’s theme music plays while Jade is still waiting in the ring, after like 30 seconds of Pandora’s music playing the lights slowly turn back on, but still no Pandora…….. But wait, behind Jade on the top turnbuckle Pandora is just sitting there, looking at Jade, How did she even get there?  Jade instinctively turns around, as if she felt her presence. The Puppet leaps down and grabs the mic out of Jades hand.


Pandora gazes at Jade  for a while, the fans on the edge of their seats. Pandora starts  tapping the mic with her other hand, making   thud noises.

This is mine now….

Pandora grips the mic hard and stops for a moment to just stare at it.

…. Just like you were mine at Contingency Hahahaha. Oh Dynamite, The fuse was lit, but I lit it and I made sure it went BOOM!!!. Oh Jade you really are misguided, for you see this isn’t your Division, it never was, It’s mine… ALL MINE. Even when I wasn’t unleashed it was still mine. I’ve just been waiting, biding my time till the time was right and The Puppet Master unleashed me at Contingency.  How did it feel with the seconds counting down,  tick, tock… tick, tock HAHA, mere seconds and you would have been the Woman’s Champion once again…… NO NO NO  you don’t deserve that title, you deserve pain, lots of pain…  Look at you, you look hideous and disgusting, you are not beautiful like me.

Pandora reaches up and feels her mask, and smiles.

So Jade, I have chosen you, I will make you beautiful. I will re-arrange your facial features, then I will have to rip some of that hair out of your head.  When I’m done with you I’ll start my very own collection, The Puppets, Puppets. That’s right I will have my very own collection of Puppets, starting with  you Jade. The Puppet Master will be proud.  But I will keep all my Puppets in a Box….. PANDORA`S BOX.

Jade stares back at Pandora, a slight bit of confusion in her eyes as the thought crosses her mind "Can someone possibly be so stupid" as she steps forward, yanking the microphone out of the grip of Pandora. Pandora looks back with anger in her eyes as Dynamite speaks up.

Jade Dynamite:
So, I'm yours? This division, it's yours huh?

Pandoras anger turns into a smile at the sign of Jade complying, she simply nods her head as Dynamite continues on.

Jade Dynamite:
Well, you claimed this mic was yours, and look what happened, I took it back, it's mine, but seeing as I'm yours.... I have a present for you, something for you to put in your box.

Dynamite turns away as if to be looking into an imaginary pocket and Pandora leans in with curiosity, only for Dynamite to swivel her hips round and hit Pandora with a crunching closed fist.

Jade Dynamite:
Well I am yours right? There's my fist.... You see Pandora you're just a small part of a much big---

Before Dynamite can finish, the lights go out, and she looks around with a smile on her face with Pandora seemingly in retreat, however the lights begin to flicker, and from behind Pandora slowly moves closer, a steel chair in hand, her neck twitches as the lights begin to flicker and as Dynamite turns around the lights once again cut to black, and Pandora disappears. The lights come back on, the crowd pops as if to warn Jade, who turns back around to look at the hard camera but turns only into a chair shot to the face. The ever resilient Jade Dynamite staggers backwards clutching the ropes as the lights cut out again. In a flash they come back on, the very moment that Dynamite is struck by another chair shot, dropping her to her knees. However when it happens the third time, Dynamite is able to roll out of the way, fighting through the pain, the two Vixens stand tall in the ring, staring at each other, Pandora with a chair in her hands, Dynamite with her fists closed at the ready, the two begin to run at each other but before they can really get going another interruption is to be heard.

Seemingly in a flash, Dynamite and Pandora turn to see Kristen Page sitting cross legged on the top turnbuckle, the CMV Womens Championship over one shoulder and a microphone in her hand as Sunshine stands on the mat in front of her, the CMV World Championship around his face as he just stares into the abyss while Kristen speaks.

Kristen Page:
Oh would you look at the two of you hahahaa, "It's my Division" "No it's my Division". Bickering like teeny tiny school girls, well hahaha, I think you'll both find that it's mine. Look at me hahahahaa, look what I have...

Kristen Page raises the CMV Womens Championship high into the air against a plethora of boo's from the crowd causing her to let out a shrill laugh as she continues.

Kristen Page:
I have aaaaaalllllllll the power in the world haHaaha, I'm the General Manager, I'm YOUR General manager hahahahaaa. Now Jade, little old Jade, how does it feel to know that you aren't the best here anymore haha, how does it feel knowing that I walked out of Contingency with "Your" belt and everything you hold so dear to your peachy little heart ahahaa. It must sting mustn't it. You may claim, that I set this, this thing on you... But I think the evidence shows that it was in fact Mr Newsome who unleashed this being. Hahaha, thinking I need this to beat you?! Ha! Stop deluding yourself Jade, oh it is so cute. Hahahaaha

Kristen turns her attention to the puppet, Pandora.

Kristen Page:
I've been there Pandora, looking to make an impact, however it's quite the shame you wasted your first impression attacking this washed up champion ahaha. You see when I did it, she was the biggest name, but I STOLE it from her, I took her Division, I took her world hahaha. So really, everything you attacked her for, you would have to take from me. Hahahaha. Such a wasted opportunity. But hey, I'll give you both a chance to do what you want! Now... I'm not defending my belt in Tokyo, no, I simply do not feel like it Hahahaha, but.... I know what you both want, you both want me hahaha, and at No Remorse, you can have that chance, BUT. You're going to have to destory eachother to get it hahahahaa. Because in Tokyo Japan, Pandora, Jade, you will fight and the winner... The winner will get a chance to step in the ring with... Why me! Hahahaha. Have fun you two...

As quick as Kristen and Sunshine entered the ring they vanished, leaving both Jade Dynamite and Pandora staring at each other as the segment fades to black.

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