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Aura sets an example.

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Aura sets an example.

Post by zquet on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:49 pm

following her getting the pin over Rachel Grant in her Unmatched debut Aura is in the ring celebrating her win while she does that as her music is playing she signals to one of the unknown workers at ringside to hand her a mic and once she is given one she moves to the center of the ring to face the camera she starts to speak

Aura: Now that is what I call a fight! Grant sweetie i'm gonna be brutally honest you gave it your all but you see I had to make an let's say example out of you to show to these people what I am all about... now let's talk about Thunder in Tokyo the upcoming PPV coming from my very own home country of Japan and let's be honest it's a way better country then this one because it is not filled with Ungrateful, Fat, Stupid, American Pigs in it especially those from right here in New Orleans!

At those words the all american crowd lets out very loud boos, boos so loud they could probably be heard two cities over if the building didn't have a roof on it.

Aura: Boo me all you want but i don't care because face the facts it's true now on to more important matters you see while i may be from my hometown of Osaka, Tokyo still has a very special place in my heart it's where i went to university, trained to become a wrestler and had my very first wrestling match in so this PPV while you stupid american may not understand it means alot to me because it a home coming so to speak and it will be just wonderful to preform in front of a crowd that appreciates my hard work and speaking of hard work let me explain my goals here in Unmatched and Intensity championships.

Aura gives a sly smirk to the camera at the mention of the word championship.

Aura: Last week when i arrived here i put the division on notice however i didn't quite go too in-depth so let me do that tonight you see let's talk about what title i want and  look who we have here the current Women's intercontinental champion Cassie Maverick remember me "cowgirl"? you see tonight i make my intentions clear you may have the second the minor belt but it is only called the minor belt round here because of the trash of your kind they let wear it i think that if someone like myself got that belt it might even be higher then the Women's world championship you may have you own stuff to deal with at the PPV but Cassie consider what i am about to do a look into your future.

Aura chucks the mic out of the ring as she slides out to grab a kendo stick from under the ring as she sets her sights across the ring to Rachel Grant who has yet to make her exit Aura charges full speed with the stick blindsiding Grant with a shot to her back knocking her down to the mat she then continues to lay a vicious beating with the kendo stick to Grant's exposed back until she has marks on her back Grant who at this point can't even fight back gets picked up by Aura who sets her up to nail her finishing move the Osaka Street Cutter! laying Rachel Grant down on the mat unconscious in the middle of the ring as CMV Security and Officials run down to the ring to pull Aura away to the backstage area as CMV Unmatched cuts to commercial break

Second Annual CMV tag team cup winner (with Eric Thunder)
CMV World tag team champion (1 time with Eric Thunder)


Second Annual CMV tag team cup winner (With Matt Jefferson)
CMV World tag team champion (1 time with Matt Jefferson)




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